Angelo Vasquez

by Angelo Vasquez

Hello my name is Angelo Jacob Vasquez, I recently had my beautiful partner Natali Gonzalez post a ‘go fund me.’ Which was cancelled but did not stop all of you from donating and promoting our cause. Thank you, I thank you from the depths of me I thank you all infinitely. Really we can all see the problems in cases like mine. I take full responsibility for my actions and I care very much for the victims family.
I was present though does presence to a tragedy deserve 25 to life? For anyone and any age let alone a 16 year old. SB 1437 helps people like me get resentenced. I’m not getting out scott free, I’ve been incarcerated since 4/4/06 and participate in several self help groups, I’m also in college. The actual shooter turned himself in that night and confessed.For everyone who read my cause thank you, for those of you yet to read or oppose it in general thank you. All of your support and point of views are appreciated and respected.
more info at ‘’ video on YouTube.
‘Angelomalforms’ IG

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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