Sean Lancaster

Introduction Blog, by Sean Lancaster (aka: Pruner)

I like to blog and share my mind with anyone who’s willing to listen and maybe even give some feedback.

That’s why I’m very thankful for inmate blogger and all the hard work Suzie does to give us inmates a voice.

The things I plan to write about and share are as vast as the universal mind.

In the spirit of full disclosure I will blog about what brought me into prison, and how I have changed my way of thinking, and understanding of life. 

I am in prison for murder one. I killed the man that was having an affair with my wife. I am 100% guilty of killing this guy, and I own the fact that I took another human beings life. For that I am truly sorry.

I make no excuse for my crime and over the years I have come to terms with the fact that I killed a man, and I will not allow this one moment in my life to define who I am, or condemn me for ever.

I’ve been down for 13 years and have 25 years to go on my sentence.  Instead of taking the path of anger, and the insane world of prison life, I choose to focus on renewing my mind everyday allowing myself to turn away from the insanity that clouds this world every second of the day.

I choose to look at the world with understanding, compassion, love, and kindness, with no fear of the unknown going to harm me, or my loved one’s.

I have a very strong, and loving family that has supported, and been there for me threw it all, especially my little sister, and mother. I have also had the support, and understanding of some really good friends, tough enough to stick it out with me through this hell.

I look forward to challenging myself, and opening up to the world that I have been closed off from for 13 years almost to the day.

I have been and done many things in my life, but the thing I am most proud of are my three beautiful children. Kids are awesome, and I am thankful everyday for my beautiful, wonderful children that are a blessing to me every second of everyday of my life.

I have come to understand myself, and the world around me. I believe I am able to effect the world in a strong positive manner in love, kindness, caring, and understanding, that is what I hope to achieve and share through this blog.

Please help me expand my horizon and stimulate my mind by givine me feedback on my posts. Goto: to converse with me directly.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Sean K Lancaster
DOC #993150

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