Angelo Vasquez

by Angelo Vasquez

What has saved me is music, when I’d hear certain songs I’d instantly go to places of my small past. A child in a cell starring at the wall is so much more than what it seems. When a CO (correctional officer) walks by to do his count his mind is fixed on numbers, not if the kid starring at the wall is falling apart trying distract himself with nostalgic sentiments, from the thoughts of suicide.
Books helped me, I grew tired of novels and became insatiable for anything in the stream of spirituality, occvlt, and philosophy.
Art has gotten me the hell out of here, especially painting. When I paint I feel gone…where ever I am is painted.
I’ve always had vivid dreams and questioned as into how can I meet people in dreams and they speak for themselves etc? I started forming art both in writing and painting of these strange dreams. I’ve given myself quite a few reasons to keep going.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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