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Peace is a universal greeting in my nation which is the 5% Nation Of Gods & Earths.Peace is the absence of confusion. We also use it as a acronym and the one I want to use is Please Educate Allah’s Children Everyday.Now the topic of this build is… Institutionalized mind set versus uninstitutionalized mind set.I decided to look up the word institutionalized and it’s defined in Webster’s dictionary as lacking the will or ability to think and act independently because of having spent a long time in an institution. Unfortunately this institution is the prison system. First let’s deal with lacking the will.This means that you don’t even want to think for yourself,your thoughts are formulated around what goes on inside the prison.The way you answer or respond to all situations is from a prison point of view.Like not getting up for work in the morning because you dont feel like it.You know you are still going to get paid and they already give you the bare minimal you need stay alive free of charge so you dont take your job as serious as you should. This is a form of being institutionalized because life on the outside is,you dont work,you dont get paid,you dont get paid you dont eat or have a place of your own to stay.When you run to the building lietenant or sargent to fix a problem that can be fixed amongst youselves.There is another level of institutionalized.It is called state struck.You began to act as if the things that belong to the state,belong to you.Like the extra chair in the pod is yours.Like you have to be the first one every morning to read the news paper or control the remote or you dont want any one to touch the buffer,or you act like the chemical supplies is yours. How many of us know someone like that,if you don’t know someone like that than that someone might be you.This way of thinking is detrimental because it not only shows that you have fell victim but it also perpetuates the idea of oppression.Now let’s look at lacking the ability.This means that you are not capable of functioning mentally or physically out side the realm of the institution.It means you have lost the capacity or even the potential to do anything independent of the ideas of the institution. This is when you take on its identity. You began to act as a c.o. you protect the interest of the prison over your own.These are the ones that snitch for a job,get the job and act lake they the h.n.I.c. these are the ones that Snitch to get their boy in their cell.You can look at that two ways.Like I said before ,this way of thinking is detrimental because it condones oppression. You are being used as a tool to further the agenda of the instution.This same idea is way slavery lasted beyond the plantation because it was planted inside the minds of our inslaved ancestors.So not only is your body locked up but your mind is as well.This mindset is encouraged by those who run the institution,it makes their job easier because you do it for them.Now unistitutionalized mindset.Let’s look at the un.Un is a prefix and is defined as,not, opposite of,to release from.Let’s deal with release from.What are you being released from?You’re being released from a way of thinking that is control and influenced by the same institution that was created to confine you.You are not programmed.You dont respond with violence when someone says something crazy because you understand that your freedom is more valuable than foolish pride.I’m not saying let people say whatever they want to,but remember what matters most.You are not willing to fight over these people stuff because you know its going to be there,while you in the hole, that phone that kiosk those showers are still going to be there.You can move and think independently out side of the walls of prison.We have real lives out there wives mother kids and and they have problems that are far more important than who getting the sack or who pulledl what c.o.,what c.o. got walked off.You may talk about it from time to time but we don’t get too caught up in the prison politics. Plus most of the time its none of our damn business anyway. Uninstitutionalized is when you focus more of your energy on making yourself better so when you get out you can be a asset for your family and not a liability. After being locked up for a certain amount of time becoming institutionalized pokes its head out from time to time.Like thinking your celly trying you cause he past gass in his sleep or he don’t wipe the sink out after he uses it or he keep hanging his feet over the top bunk.It even shows up in relationships with your family.When I came from wallens ridge and I got that first hug from my daughter I was so use to the dap hug we do that I did the same thing with her she was like you squeezing me too hard.Sometimes we can be insensitive to our people on the street and want things done right then and there ,its bigger then what goes on in prison they have jobs kids a social life and everything else.When was the last time you sent some money home,when was the last time you sent a token of appreciation just because and not because it was a birthday or hella day I mean holiday. In closin an insistutionalized mind set is the mind of a slave.The uninstitutionalize mind set is the essence of freedom.Peace.

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