Davin Wallace

Lock In Or Not, by Davin Wallace

Its no if & or but about you can only truly be locked in w/one person. i use to fool myself believing i could be locked in w/more than one woman & eventually believing a woman could be truly locked in w/me while locked in w/another. In reality it’s impossible. Actually the actions of a person trying to juggle two or more relationships shows that person is really only locked in to themselves, doing what feels good to them at the moment. It’s more revealing of a person’s selfishness & unloving & uncaring heart when the lock in w/one person compromises a marriage. In one way or another a person trying to juggle two or more relationships is cheating those they juggling out of a whole heart, mind & soul. And the person who is allowing one to juggle him or her is a fool setting his or her self up to be a forever pin for a juggler. Unlike God we can’t be multiple places at one time. So when youre at home w/your spouse you rob the other & when your mind is on the other you rob the spouse. And at all times of this game you rob both & yourself spiritually. So where ever you choose to be that’s where you should be locked in at w/your entire being(100), because you didn’t choose to be there for nothing.
For a long time i didn’t recognize or understand the importance of a wife or marriage in God’s eyes until Holy Spirit led me to study scriptures pertaining to a wife. Even though the scriptures i read & meditated on specifically mentioned a wife, Holy Spirit let me know the message was also for women to know the importance of a husband. Starting off read Proverbs 5:15-23. Solomon’s urgency for us to follow sexual purity through faithfulness to the institution of marriage caught my attention. As a mature follower of Christ i did’nt lose my desire to “make love”, but i have come to hate sin, & glory be to God, He has given all of us a way to enjoy sex while pleasing Him by not sinning. Solomon pictures in vivid terms the delights that marriage can afford, as opposed to the misery of sexual impurity. If you’re a follower of Christ then i believe you at least one time have experienced that misery of committed sin.
Adulteress see stolen waters to be sweet(9:17), but drinking is an illusion to the satisfaction of conjugal love. The word of God consistently commends & commands total fidelity to the marriage partner as to sexual satisfaction. For verse 16. Shall your fountain (semen) flow abroad as waters in the streets? The answer is in verses 15 & 17. No! Let them be only thine own. Meaning, let the fruit of your reproductive powers be shared only with your spouse. The benefits of such fidelity will be joyous union in marriage. The ecstasy that fidelity can bring is celebrated in verse 18 & 19. The ecstatic joy of the lover is summed up in the word ravished. Wisdom does not regret the sexual pleasures that a man & woman can find in one another in their marriage. On the other hand the Lord has assigned bitter & severe consequences to the sin of sexual promiscuity. Sexual sin ruthlessly incarcerates the participants. The cords of this sin wrap themselves around the soul of the participants until they cannot free themselves, even though they may desire freedom.The persistent lack of self control has led him or her beyond the place where they was instructed (this was surely me & i’m sure some of you to at one point). That type of behavior has led many out of reach of God’s grace (John 12:24; Rom.1:28-32) & “He shall die w/out instructions.”
For our joy & safety we should take hold of Proverbs 18:22 & 19:14 in our heart, which describes a wife as good thing & prudent. A good wife is a gift from Yahweh. It is not blind chance that brings such a blessed union. Unto one another they are one of the highest expressions of God’s favor. This is part of why God tells men to live joyful with his wife in Ecclesiastes 9:9. A man ought to get him a wife & bask in the sunshine of her love(Song of Solomon). They shall love one another for life & prize each other as the gift God has given. The companionship shared between a right man & right woman joined in the bond of love will provide one of life’s greatest rewards for men & women who labor under the sun (4:9).
I accepted being single or w/a woman but without a significant title. But as i matured i felt that void, loneliness & lack of significance. And to some degree i thought my partners was cool w/that. Speaking of partners, the reality of that was we was only partners concerning sex, bills, vain communication & company, but never were we partners in nor for life, partners in Kingdom business, true love nor nothing of a great significance beyond momentarily physical pleasure & material.
Now the matter of marriage & celibacy is so important that Paul gives a teaching on the two in 1 Cor. 7. To honor God in part is to honor our bodies & one another. To do this in part is to not fornicate & comit adultery. Who can truly say they are that strong to not fall to these sin? Whoever that may be, i commend you but more so give glory to God. For the rest of us Cor. 7:2 shows that God gives us a way out of committing those sin. Having our own wife & husband secures us that we belong to one another (7:4) & warns all others to keep away physically & mentally(Exo 20:14 & 17; Matt. 5: 27-28). Martial infidelity are based on inward thoughts & outward acts, as Jesus clarifies in the Sermon on the mount. Which coincide with God forbidding longing after a man or woman who belongs to another (Exo.20:17). God puts so much emphasis on the importance of marriages that it can’t be denied. i desire for my marriage to be blessful & to reap what i sow, so I refuse to sow a seed of dishonoring another man’s property to only reap the dishonoring of mine. So my advice to all others, Lock in to your own before you mess up & miss out.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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