Tony Lewis

Cardi Berriez Commercial (part 2), by Tony Lewis

This commerical is going to be a mock version of an episode of Cheaters..but it spelled with a ”Z” instead of ”S” ( CATCHIN’ CHEATERZ)

The Director: Tiffany Haddish
The Cheater, played by Lil Duval
The woman being cheated on, played by: Mya Moore or Skylar Diggins
Head Security for Cheaterz: Earthquake( DC comedian)
The Bus Driver: DL HUGHLEY
The host of How to Catch Cheaterz: Black Jay from the DL Hughley show or Tony Rock

The Script:

Setting(Washington DC)

Lil Duval gets busted, while out with busty mistress at a go-go.
As the scene expoldes with emotion, between the couple, the girlfriend blares that the two are done. She begins to storm away, but before she does she notices something; that only did this fool have the audacity to step out on her, but he did so, wearing one of her favorite pair of sneakers.
The girlfriend:” Oh hell naw!!” She glares down at his feet as she steps to him. ” Muthafucka take off my Cardi Berriez, are you serious?”
Lil’ Duval looks down, just as everyone else does the same. On lookers outside the Gogo instigate from a distant.( ‘Damn, slim out here rockin his girl tennis shoes.) another chimes in with a sneer. (” O’ll bama ass nigga.”)
The last thing Lil Duval wants to do is have to take off the shoes infront of everyone, so when he hesitates, the girlfriend starts to get violent. But when she does, the head of security( played by Eartquake) intervens, but does a poor job protecting lil’ duval from her blows.

Scene Switch: Ext. Metro Bus Stop
Lil Duval is waiting for the Metro bus, wit no shoes on. One sock has a hole in it, while the other is damp and droopy. He looks made at the world. And the reason he has to catch the bus is because he road to the show with his side piece, but she left him because she was under the impression that him and his wife were seperated due to her illness with bad breath. A group of kids walk by, and tease him about him socks just before the bus arrives.
( To be continued)

If you enjoy the comedy of this commerical, the creator would like if you help him get in contact with Earthquake or Tiffany Haddish. SIMPLY CONTACT THEM ON INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER AND FORWARD THEM THE LINK TO THIS. He can be contacted via

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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