Wesley Gill

If A Picture Is A Moment Worth A Thousand Word’s Why Not Capture It On Film, by Wesley Gill

(short story inner thoughts)…/ A moment is just a unit of time, time is just a complete unit of event’s which unfurtunitly comes to a end, for us mere humans. You wake up you go to sleep, you eat and think about that blonde hair chick, who cross her leg’s when you smiled and pass her at the bar, the other day. Or what about that handsome 30s something guy with the perfect trim beard, and nice white teeth who lock eye’s with you at the donut shop. “why did I eat that many donut’s” you couldnt even save none for your boyfriend who keeps forgeting to put gas in the car, and couldnt even remember your full name on that card with stail box of chocolates, for your birthday. O dont forget about your “mental” dog who refuses to eat dog food, and keep’s humping your niabor and friends leg…./Hey I once convince this real “pretty girl” to go on a date with me, but had to cancel because I stayed up the night before eating ice-cream an cheery pie, watching the game of thones, and had terrible gas and god knows what else…And guess what she stop answering any of my call’s…/I remember I once dated this girl who 3, year old daughter who barly touch my face caused a nose bleed, so bad I couldnt even have sex that night. Or you old enoth to remember beeper’s and guess jeans? What about Arcades? I mean real arcades that you skip school for to only have your mother whip cream your booty…./ life is only moment’s some good some bad some shameful some sad, happy, excited. We guiltlessly edit or life, like some insecure film director, who only wonts to show the good part’s and cut the rest. I see you, I see u’s standing over a large trash metal trash can, burning all are deleted sceneless moment’s. The smell we can almost taste, Now! we got to figer-out a way to burn the moment of the moment’s we just burnt….Now ask yourself if we are defined by only one moment which moment would you “choice?”. and which moment would you “lose?”.(if a picture is a moment worth a thousand words why not capture it on film/.. by wesley Gill 576-145) (Short story inner thoughts)

Wesley Gill
DOC #576-145

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