Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

A few years ago I took a African studies forum class. And during that class I learned an old proverb. It said:YOUR TRUE CHARACTER IS LIKE PREGNANCY, YOU CAN ONLY HIDE IT FOR SO LONG.I have two guys that I have known before prison, got into a little trouble today. You see they both have a bad habit of gossiping and talking about things that are not their business. So I guess that a few guys went into the unit manager’s office in the 35and over block that they are in and told her that they were in the dayroom saying that she was a racist.So she was highly upset and she said she was moving them.So now they are complaining and crying. But I’m not trying to hear it. Because I know their true character. The rest of the population is just now being aware of it. I tell my children all the time, all humans can only hide who they are for so long. Time and situations and circumstances will always reveals a person’s true character. And when they do show it,accept it for what it is.And I tell them that also includes me. Because my words can say anything, but my actions will show you who I really am.

Archie Wilder
DOC #414917

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