Wesley Gill

Introduction Blog, by Wesley Gill

my name is wesley gill DOB 01/28/88 Intake 03/23/08 my release date is august 13,2032 subject to change at anytime…a A Don if Aquarius “LOL” I consider myself a peoples person and understand emotions is the most poewrful force besides love, And if used in the proper way could make life more meaningful and passionate. My attitude is everything thats possible is possible and “dont never count yourself out count yourself in.” I love birds, whales, and those good old days are parents and grandparents told us about….And I like smiles and the smell of the wind before the sunsets. (hobbies) I just graduated from a year long vocational graphic arts program, and in the battle of weight lose I became a serious jogger, Im down 40 pounds and got 20 more to go….I modivate people who need it (preacher) Im also a self taught “proclaimed” playwright and screenwriter. (goals) to further my studies in filmmaking to college, and self employee myself in Directing and screenwriting give back to my community or what ever Im called to do. and finally reduce my sentence before Im 35.

Wesley Gill
DOC #A576145

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