Davin Wallace

I’m Good, by Davin Wallace

Lately a lot of people have been asking me, am i good. Relating to either my health, my freedom, my past relationship & my walk w/God. i’m thankful for the thoughts & concerns even though a small portion of the asking is based on just being nosey or & selfish motives. i feel its necessary for me to let everyone know i’m literally good/great so they know i dont just have joy when everything is spelled out in victory for me, i’m literally walking in joy when & while things is not so obvious in the natural but is always spelled out thru God’s word & Spirit. i’m not saying i dont have my moments of frustrations & discomfort, what i’m saying is i trust God in what He’s doing & i’m not going thru nothing that won’t work together for my good. Faith in God & His word always gives me a joyous hope in what He has given me on Calvary. When the scripture 2Cor.5:17 & Rom.6:4 settled in my heart & transformed my thinking i knew life wasn’t the same as it was before i received Christ as my Lord & Redeemer. i’m new, my thinking is new & my ability to see new results is new. The newness of my life is secured by the stripes, blood, death, burial & ressurection of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. And glory be to God that i can expect new things tomorrow that the natural mind can’t comprehend nor natural eye can see. So know even my walk is good. Even though i might not pass out daily devotions like i once did, know this is a new season in which you may see a new method or task God has placed in my spirit & heart to show His grace, mercy & love thru me. When i say i’m good i really mean great literally. My character & demeanor is a little preserved/laid back than some of my brothers & sisters in Christ, so i might not jump up & down ecstatically or express things as they do but i assure you in my most humble calmest state i have experienced my most over the top joy & peace. i love the word tranquility because i believe it relates to me majority of the time in my daily actions, conversations, responses whether good or bad & thoughts. It’s crazy that most of the time people ask me am i good, i literally be great, evidently beyond their imaginations. i enjoy smiling & laughing although i may do it lesser in prison. But it was a point of time when i smiled & laughed majority of the day but yet i was hurting to the point when i laid down at night i wanted to cry & when i woke up i awoke to misery. Now i love jumping in that bed to get that God given rest when i’m tired (although the mattress is horrible) & waking up thanking God for another blessed day He made & prepared for me & me for it.
i’m literally good because the word says: i’m healed, free, prosperous, blessed & highly favored (family too), that man shall not be alone & more. But also because i’ve literally already in the natural delivered by the Holy Spirit experienced the healing(100% good), heard time to go, & now focused in on the lock in w/no questions concerning love, loyalty & commitment again w/out cause, but still better tighten up & take heed(smile23 that’s all me). So don’t worry i’m good/great & you would understand this when you understand i been gave it all to God, its all in His hands. God bless you & big love to all!!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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  1. Hi Davin,
    I would be interested to hear your testimony! Did the Lord save you while you were in prison or before? If you’ve already written a blog post about this, I’d love to read it, and if not and you have some time, would you be willing to share?


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