Demetrius Coles

Wake Up My Peoples, by Demetrius Coles

Poetic flows from a prophet proclaiming his divine rights

Blind sights without time light so now you’re black without taken the time to redefine white

But the limelight got our mind like, yo I don’t even got time right

Till you get caught hustling and you ain’t even trying to do the time right

But if we pay attention to our peoples history, we will realize that the time sight and the limelight has always been on our divine rights

It’s 75 degrees outside and the sun shines bright and on the inside, your 98 degrees of divine right but that don’t deserve no type of motivational hype right

We’re portraying a fraud for a broad, car, or the squad but really lack the knowledge of who we really are in God

Islam Christianity Judaism are some of the religions brought by different Prophets- but we bicker over greetings amongst brothers, cause conflicts and constant problems

We’re not this way- we’re not that type- we don’t worship on this day- and y’all not praying right

But with such wisdom, explain why we’re 98degrees of divine light on the inside but on the outside we want fight for our own divine rights

All I’m saying is quit faking for a couple of dudes and chasing women that when you turn around they’re loving your crew

And study yourself, make a plan, then take a stand and realize that your 98degrees of divine light and divine right because you are original man

Demetrius Coles
DOC #1381633

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