Shara Cooper

Never Arrive! by Shara Cooper

Doesn’t sound like such a good thing to ‘Never Arrive’ does it?
I agree. This thought can be quite daunting. However, allow me to put it into context.

In life we often hold onto the false notion that when we get to a ‘certain age’ or when we obtain a ‘certain status’ we will feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment that we have ‘Arrived’.

Not so!
And, Not good!
Growing. Developing. Transforming. Learning. These are natural to our bodies and our lives.
Ultimately, it is to our personal benefit to allow ourselves to continue to grow, develope, transform, and learn.

A mature you can and will become an even better you if you get out of the way.
It is worth not trying to live each day with the idea that a “certain point” will come where you can stop trying.
Truly best to know and to breathe in the fact that, just like wine, You will only get better with time!

Never Arrive!
Don’t even try.
Only live each day striving to become an even better you.
In this life we are made to grow and grow and grow. And certainly, at the end of your time and mine here on this earth is when we will have Arrived!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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