Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

Please let me vent for a second. First of all let me say that I’m not a gay basher nor do I have anything against those who choose to live an alternative life style. But what I do hate is these guys who hide who they are. They only want to be gay for the stay. Due to a lack of self control, they engage in homosexual activities to fulfill their sexual desires. But they go back to their girlfriends, wives, or the mother’s of their children without letting them know how they were living while being in prison. I hate to see the same guy that I just saw in another mans bed the night before, kissing and hugging on his girl and kids on a visit. If you are ashamed of something, then you shouldn’t being doing it. I also hate how these same guys like to sweat all the females that work here.They have no self control so they want to be a part of everything.That’s why I tell all the women I’m friends with as well as all the women in my family, if you date a man who has been to prison, check his background. And make sure you see to it that he has a clean bill of health before being intimate with them. Because a lot these guys love to sneak in the shadows. But their are a lot of men in here who are not sneaking around,and have morals and principles that they live by. Me being one of those men, I would not find it disrespectful if upon my release if a woman asked me to get tested. Because in this day and age to where anything goes, you can never be to safe. So protect yourselves ladies from these weak cowardly men who hide who they are.

Archie Wilder
DOC #414917

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