Davin Wallace

A Different Sexy23, by Davin Wallace

i was having a conversation w/a individual & i made a statement i desired to have a sexy wife amongst other things. But that part of the statement caught the person’s attention more so than any other part. When the person responded to what I said i knew they was thinking i was speaking of sexiness in a superficial external way rather than internal. Without a question i definitely enjoy the beauty & sexiness of the opposite sex body head to toe, but by God’s grace i’ve grown beyond that being my focus, lust or motive in determining a woman’s essential beauty & sexiness. i won’t lie, in the past that was the first & main thing i looked at. i definitely was superficial & lustful. But now my definition goes beyond the physical body & even when looking at that small part of a woman, that has even changed. Just being honest, as a man of God i’ve found some females physically attractive that i wouldn’t have in the past. As of now when i think of or recognize the sexiness & beauty of a woman it usually begin w/her conduct, then onto her personality & conversation, her desire to be healthy, to honor & respect her body internally & externally, & being attractive physically is surely a plus. For whatever reason & however, now when a woman love for God shows, that instantly turn their beauty & sexy up another notch. No disrespect nor lust motivates my next statement. So w/saying, i find women such as Beth Moore, Gloria Copeland, Priscilla Shirer & Joyce Meyer beautiful & sexy. This is a compliment to them & women alike, their respected husbands & our God. Who dont want their God given attractions recognized & appreciated. Over the last year or so i have met some women of God that to me are more beautiful & sexy than any ungodly Miss Universe model if any (no pun intended). It’s safe to say I believe i overlooked a lot of beautiful & sexy women & ruined a lot of potential great relationships because of my backwards thinking. But its one woman who has my heart, eye & mind whom beauty & sexiness can be recognized & appreciated by a blind person, but without a doubt physically she is second to none. For side note, we are created by God, beautiful & sexy, & its only displayed thru the belieth we are as beautiful as we believe to be. In whatever way you believe you are beautiful & sexy that’s what you succumb to. No size, shape, color, race, scar nor past define our beauty nor sexiness unless you choose it to & in that you choose your limit rather than God’s greatness. i believe the beauty & sexiness i see now & the beauty & sexiness people see concerning me is the glory of God/His anointed on us. Be sexy, beautiful & blessed women & men of God, it’s us.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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