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Dean Giacomo #1207157
Dean Giacomo 56 yrs old
intake date :March 2009
release date: Aug 2037

About me. I was born (1963) , raised, and lived in New Jersey up until 1998 when the company I work for moved to Pennsylvania and I also moved with them..I have had a good life up until I wound up getting incarcerated here in Virginia.Of course things could be worse, but things could be so much better.
My story of how I ended up in prison is somewhat lengthy and I will share it in the very near future.
As for the present, I work full-time in the wood shop which is part of the Virginia Correctional Enterprise (VCE). I truly enjoy my job and it keeps me busy.
I spend my free time coloring, reading and listening to music .I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction.I am studying ancient civilizations ,particularly the those of Germanic and Celtic origin. I am also studying quantum physics,the resources are limited but I’m making do with what is available.
I am a cancer survivor, in January of 2013 I was diagnosed with throat cancer –from almost thirty years of smoking, ironically when I was diagnosed I had already quit smoking. .But I am glad to report that I am cance -free now for six years
If you would like to write me you can email me through , just go to their web site open a email account enter my name (Dean Giacomo), my state number (1207157), the state (Virginia),and prison (Nottoway Correctional Center) or you can snail mail me at:

Dean Giacomo #1207157
Nottoway Corr. Cen.
PO Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

Thank you Suzie for allowing me this opportunity to express myself.

DOC #1207157

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