Da'Von Motley Sr.

Another Letter To My Children, by Da’Von Motley Sr.

Dear LaNiyah, LaNycee & DaVon (Jr.),

By now hopefully I’ve been able to talk to you guys. If not then only Allah knows best to why I haven’t. I’m sorry for the disconnection and miscommunication. As a dad I need to try harder and focus more on being there for y’all even if its only by letters in the mail or emails on jpay or video grams on jpay or the occasional phone call. I know you all are getting older and smarter. School may be getting a little more different than before, life is getting to become different, your bodies are getting different. Just know I’m here no matter what. Whatever you feel deep down inside you can tell me anything. I don’t care what it is or how you think I might react just never hold anything back from me because I’m here to help you at all times. Whatever your going through I’m going through as well and we will make it through together. You know I was once 13, 10, and 9 years old too believe it or not lol!! Yeah times were different then “back in the day”. We didn’t have cell phones everywhere or “Fort night” whatever this new game EVERYBODY’S addicted to, iPhone’s, Galaxies, lab tops, tablets and all these other gadgets and gizmos. Life was simple for the most part. You wake up and go outside and play in the dirt with your trucks and cars and play football and basketball and hope neither went over the fence in the yard with the dog!! We sat down at the dinner table and at dinner and sometimes sat down and ate breakfast and lunch during the summer time and weekends. Everything is moving fast, time is flying and the only good thing about that is I’ll be home soon. I don’t want to hear you crying over the phone. I want you guys to be strong!!! Be stronger than I am!!! Be smarter than I am and was!!! Your mothers are strong but they need you to be strong as well. You all are super smart and respectful and kind and thoughtful and helpful and I’m just so proud to be your dad. You are great kids and y’all make me happy. Every time I think about y’all I think about how we use to sit up and talk about everything and y’all would teach me about a lot of stuff y’all was learning in school and I would also teach y’all. I was mainly trying to teach you about life and I want you to always remember to always ask questions. Never just do something anybody tells you to do. Never just believe anything someone tell you. If you see something and you wonder about it do some research. Knowledge is power, I know your teachers have ingrained that into your brains by now lol. Read books and right now it don’t matter what you read but try to read something about the things your interested in. More importantly enjoy being a kid for the time being. Get outside and have some fun but be safe. You all know right from wrong so don’t be doing nothing that you know your not suppose to be doing!!! Treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s what life is mostly about. Kindness, love, patience, peace, being humble, giving, and forgiveness. One of these days you will wonder about things deeper than this and well I’ll be here to continue to help guide you down the straight path Insha Allah (God Willing)!!! If you don’t pray now then start. Just pray, right now at your age there really no right or wrong way. We all have to be thankful to wake up every morning. I’m thankful for 3 beautiful and handsome children. I’m thankful to have a second chance to be in your lives soon!! So I just wanted to put this out in the universe for y’all to see forever. I want y’all to know I love y’all unconditionally and miss y’all so much!!! I’ll be writing y’all soon!!! Ttyl Niyah, LaNycee, and Jr!!!! Be good, be safe, stay focused, stay strong, stay beautiful, stay handsome, and pray!!! Have patience and be watchful!!! -Dad

Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. (Abdul- Haleem Raqeeb)
ODRC #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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