Life Lesson, by Ryan Bell Jr.

“I’m a tornado in the winter, and a blizzard in the summer, I’m a flood in a desert and a thunderstorm without thunder. I know it sounds crazy and makes you wonder, but know that I’m unlike anything that’s ever been discovered. If you could scan my body and see my pain, you’d see a million blades going through my brain, a thousand bullet holes in my heart, my body feels like I’m being penetrated by darts, I often ask myself is this choice really smart? The choice I speak of is to keep fighting this pain or to put it all to an end, but then I tell myself I will never fold nor bend. I’m unbreakable, I’m unshakeable, I’m untameable and I’m too sensational, to be thinking about ending my life so soon, 24 years of pain, sorrow and tears and you’d probably think the same too. Sometimes I find myself in pure sweet happiness, most times I find myself in straight up stress and bitterness. All my life I’ve been hurt, crossed, betrayed and hated, if God is my doctor then Father keep me sedated. I don’t want to experience this living nightmare, I snapped into reality and realized nothing in life’s fair. I’ve always helped out plenty, and recieved help from not many, still when I look around for a helping hand I don’t see any. I’m my own man, I’m my own boss, I’m the only one who can save myself and I refuse to take a loss. I’m the only one who truly cares, so anyone who wants to keep attacking me I dare, to keep brutalizing me I can take all the pain, to be honest without this pain there’s nothing I’d gain. I’ve Iearned from my wounds, I’ve learned from my scars, that everything is gonna be OK and to keep reaching for the stars. At the end of the day keep track of your curses and your blessings, they will teach you skills of survival this is my biggest Life Lesson.”

I hope everyone enjoys this and if anyone can relate to this poem, contact me through jpay.com. Have a blessed day and a blessed night. #ThankYouLordForKeepingMeStrong #Amen

Ryan Bell
DOC #704785

Categories: poems, Ryan Bell Jr.

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