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Mista Misunderstood’s Diary, by Tony Lewis

Entry: Enough IS Enough
Written May 21th,2019

If the eyes were dams, today… my leeves broke.

Yes… Enough IS Enough.

See, in most prisons, when you need some privacy, you put your bedsheet up over your bars. This morning, at 11:43 I had to put that sheet up; not because I wanted to do something illicit, no, but rather I didnt want my emotional state on display, for some stranger’s entertainment; cause on these tiers, a person’s vulnerability can be harmful; not towards progression but towards survival.

Besides The Real, SistersCircleLive, on TVOne is one of my favorite morning talk shows, and as much as I can, I try to get my daily dose of them both; but lately, that hasnt been quite often, and I blame that, on my fluctuating sleeping shedule; a shedule most would label a nocturnal way of living. But for me- an aspiring author, housed in this rowdy prison- most wouldnt understand my way of Life, because trying to be a successful writer(in the pen) is like trying to concertrate on the SAT, in the midst of a BackYard performance( a reference for my DC folk)
So yes, at times when I need tranquility, Im forced to rely on quiteness; the sort of quiteness that comes only during hours of the late night.
With of my manuscripts out, waiting to be reviewed and hopefully accepted for publication, I’ve been able to find a little more down time in the mornings; and one of those perks for that…is viewing the Sistas, on the SisterCircle Show.
This morning, as the top of the hour neared, I sat down after making a hot cup of Foldgers and hoped for good segments on the show. Being that the show is hosted by four beautiful yet intellectual woman, I expected to be enlightened. And being that these four woman also have such refreshing senses of humor, I looked forward to being entertained as well. However, what I didnt forsee, was what happened.
The discussion around the table shifted to the latest issue of in polictics: Abortions. And it seemed like, the air in my cell grew thin, as Syleena began speak on the topic. Usually, people speak from the mind, but today, Syleena spoke from the heart; and the things she said moved me tremendously. The more she opened up, about her past experinces with that medical field, it was like the more closed in I became to my surroundings. And it wasnt until she began to choke up that I lost my own control of my own emotions.
Not one, but two abortions. Thats what she said she had. But the number of times she thought being a mother wasnt conducive, wasnt what drenched my vision; no, it was what she expressed…about God.
” Maybe God doesnt like me…because I killed my babies.” I rememeber shaking my head, like nooo, noooo, Aunt Thicky, dont think that! He cant feel that way about you; look at you! And if only she knew, I was putting something together real nice for her, her and the rest of the ladies on the show.
” Enough is ENOUGH.” That was what she said. And what Syleena meant by that, was that its time for us (the men) to stand up for these woman, and stop looking the other way at these things they deal with on the daily: Mistreatment, discrimination, etc…and etc.
Her emotional admonishment, shifted my thoughts to something I’d been pondering on for quite sometime. And its thoughts like such which compelled me to do what Im doing..things like my “Letter to Cardi B”, or my “Letter to DL”.
Yeah, I guess its time to do this. Because Syleena your right, Enough IS enough.
And to be frank, for her to pour her truth for the judgment of the world, in my eyes, that was sooo admirable.
If she could do that…then fuck it, I can do this.


Because, Enough…IS enough.

Sincerly Expressed,
Someone who gives a damn

This blog was written by TonyMyHomie Author of the up and coming Self Help A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez
He can contacted via Tony Lewis 98308

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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