Antwan Hood

Nephew, by Antwan Hood

I had the chance to speak to my nephew on Wednesday he is 16 I don’t like to talk to them while I am locked up just cause that is not the type of time I am off when I am around them I want the good stuff and not the bad but for some strange reason he wanted to talk to me and I had to let him have it cause he out there acting wild but I don’t like talking to him like that cause he has his own situation he is going thru but the convo went better then I thought and I hope that he really listened because he is to young to throw away good opportunities he already has his back on the wall being young black and having to be the man of his house at such a young age I just hope for the best until I can be of assistance to not only him but to my whole family

Antwan Hood
DOC #967018/451232c

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