Karen Chades

Introduction Blog, by Karen Chades

My name is Karen Denise Chades.
A little about me, I am 55 years old and have been incarcerated since 8-2003. I am currently in the 9th circuit court waiting on a reversal that would send me home immediately. It is my earnest desire to help change laws, help the juveniles, end living conditions. People think that because they pay so much money to have prisoners locked up that we are taken care of. This could not be farther from the truth. Ask my family. It takes money to be in prison. Anyway, I am on the verge of crying right now with all of the krap going on. So on that note I shall say farewell for now.

Karen Denise Chades
DOC #W96298: MA-27-low

ps: last night there were about 15 of us that did not get to eat because the housing officer Obregon did not call it. I made the Sgt. and Lt. and the captian aware of the problem. However , nothing was done. We were sent back with no food.
Denise. Please respond. Thank you

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