Christopher J. Smith

Prison Media Group, by Christopher Smith


Ladies and Gentalmen welcome, for many of you who are just tuning in the purpose of me writing this Blog is to educate everyone to A from of Government Corruption directed against us regarding State officials unlawful use of SHAM LEGAL PROCESS to acts of OBSTRUCTIONS caused against us within our Criminal Justice system pursuant to in violation of 2921.52 of the OHio Revised Code. I am innocent due to this cause and reaching out for some help, but my main goal is that you take notes from my situation and learn about your States Revised Codes & Procedures and what to look for to understand how to Protect each other from our criminal justice system, meanwhile as I provide, and educate everyone to the TRUTH away from those who’s Enigma is to misguide us, as I come POLITICALLY INCORRECT. “Here we go ya’ll”… Todays topic is regarding investigative discrepancies related to Prosecutorial misconduct involving witness COERCION, to OBSTRUCTION of justice and PERJURY. Our next person of interest is the State of OHio’s Hamilton County Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore (0069587P). Kara Trieschman-Hooker was the assistant manager of A restaurant in Cincinnati area of Hartwell located in Springfield Township. June 9th 2008, Kara had been working the closing shift where she suffered A brutal, but horrific gunshot wound to her face, gracefully, Kara survives, On date 6.12.2008, Kara was interview by Detectives DOUG EVESLAGE badge No:235 officer AARON FITZGERALD badge No:225 & Detective ROBERT MERKLE badge No:196 of Springfield Township Police Department, followed by Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore (0069587P) of the Hamilton County Prosecutors office. During this interview Kara was shown An PHOTO LINE-UP ARRAY of SIX individuals on date 6.12.2008, NOTE–> under Police Incident Report Case No:2008-10010… Witnesses / employees description of the assailant, was described as A “LIGHT-SKINNED” African American male, wearing A black skull-cap, red shirt, black shorts, Black shoes with A red bandanna over his face revealing his eyes, eyebrows and forehead. According to the Photo Line-up array, Kara identified A male that resembled the Light-skinned perpetrator who shot her and the description provided by Kara WAS NOT A description of the defendant Christopher J. Smith which is myself, whom is A “DARK- SKINNED” African-American As everyone can see that I am when you review the PICTURE of me POSTED on this BLOG sent on date 5.20.2019. As reviewed in the 911 call Transcripts, it is also evident that witnesses Eric Grinder and Jeremy Lundy both reported to dispatchers that the description of the assailant wearing A black skull-cap, red shirt, black shorts, wearing A red bandanna, with all black shoes… Jeremy Lundy also testified that the assailant wore all black shoes between Fila’s or Air Force One brand name shoes and testified that he was 100% sure they were ALL BLACK SHOES, NO RED! [This can be seen in my Trial Transcripts Volume 6 of 7 Pages 982-987 & 988-991];… Witness David Pendland also testified consistent to Eric Grinder, and Jeremy Lundy’s report an testimonies, [as seen in Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Page 322];… Kara Trieschman-Hooker was at close proximity to this assailant at gun point, Unfortunately, Kara endured A horrible experience, As such, Kara did provide A description to detectives Doug Eveslage, Aaron Fitzgerald, Robert Merkle and Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore that the assailant was LIGHT-SKINNED As Kara identified in the photo line-up array As number #2 pertinent to as documented in the Police Uniform Incident Report Case No:2008-10010 under defense Exhibit (1.A), “WHICH BOTH IDENTIFICATION & STATEMENTS DOCUMENTED BY KARA IS PROOF TO MY INNOCENCE!” Kara testified that she looked the suspect up and down and remembers the suspect having A shirt on, but doesn’t remember the color of the suspects red shirt, Kara says she remembers the assailant shorts being made of jean material, but doesn’t remember the color of the assailants black shorts. She remembers the red bandanna because apparently at Trial, Kara testified that the only thing she remember seeing was the suspects skin complexion and his eyebrows, [this testimony can be seen in my Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Page 263]; Detective Doug Eveslage, as to the descriptions reported by Kara Hooker, Doug Eveslage wrote in his Incident report that the suspect is An Light-Skinned male in his twenties, Height and Weight. Kara Hooker testified that she remember reporting to the officer that the suspect was in fact Light- Skinned [Reviewed in Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Page 309]; Detective Doug Eveslage testified that he recalls Kara talking about that. [Also seen in Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Pages 366-367]; Doug Eveslage testified that Kara provided A clothing description of the assailant, “but hear this ya’ll, listen to this”… Doug Eveslage claims, “For whatever REASON, I did not write those on the INCIDENT REPORT, but Light- Skinned was an additional description I put out of the suspect.”… However ya’ll listen to this… During Motion to Suppress Evidence the same Detective, “who” Doug Eveslage before testified that he interviewed Kara Hooker and stated that Kara never said that the suspect was Light-skinned, which is clear PERJURY! [Reviewed in Motion to Suppress Transcripts Pages 90-92]; Doug Eveslage insisted that the witnesses/employees at the crime scene made such statements, when the testimony proved to be incommensurate to Doug Eveslage’s testimony at trial.

Doug Eveslage Lied, damaging evidence proves accorrding to the employees written witness AFFIDAVITS no one ever said that the suspect was light-skinned, besides the interview with none other but the shooting victim Kara Hooker! [See.,Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Pages 368-369]; As we all know, Kara did so provided Detective Eveslage A clothing description of the assailant as testified by Doug Eveslage himself. What we don’t understand, “pre-se hypothetically” is why didn’t Detective Doug Eveslage “FOR WHATEVER REASON” he claims did not document those facts in his report? Theoretically will be our guess that the description provided by Kara Hooker was not a descripton of the defendant Christopher J. Smith Law Enforcement had framed and hoped for to be which is ME! Now as I Stated privously, Kara Hooker did testify that the only thing she remember seeing of the suspects face was not only his Light-Skinned complexion but Kara seen the suspects eyebrows [Reviewed on Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Page 263]; to which the eyebrows of the suspect Kara idenitified is inconsistent to myself which further proves my innocence because from the past 24 years of my life since I was 6 years to now that Im 31, I bare An deep permanent scar/gash inside my LEFT eyebrow which Kara NEVER SEEN IF I WAS THE ACTUAL SUSPECT who done this to her! Kara then testified to my defense Attorney Jerome J. Grogan (0076029) of the Bar Association, though she claims back then the suspect was Light- Skinned An now after seeing the defendant (MYSELF) present as A dark-skinned male she now doesn’t maintain that same theory, [as seen in Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Pages 307-309]; Kara claim is “I don’t afterwards – I don’t know” Kara admits, as Quot, “After the incident my mind was all over the place and don’t remember much of anything”… [As Seen in Trial Transcripts volume 2 of 7 Pages 313-314]; Kara Hooker says she now doesn’t remember what officers interviewed her June 12th 2008 or what was talked about but Kara admits at Trial that she only had these conversations and reported supposedly everything Kara think she saw only to the Prosecutor KATHERINE PRIDEMORE? Kara Trieschman- Hooker was shot in point blank range. Kara’s delirium was not in the right state of mind, she suffered A complete mental disturbance resulting from shock and marked by confusion before and after she had been shot. Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore knew this was her opportunity to take advantage and to manipulate Kara’s vulnerability. Not only did Kara admits of having these discussions with the Prosecutor, Kara admits after the incident that her mind was all over the place and doesn’t remember much of anything, “lets just say she suffered A traumatic memory disorder, I mean right she had been shot and my heart go’s out to Kara” but her now helping to obstruct Justice by aiding in coercion with A corrupt Prosecutor to send A innocent man to prison, KARA IS WRONG! Before the question was even ask, Kara Hooker, in her statement about red & black shoes which were my shoes was so implausible that this was easy to see that Kara had been coached and shown my personal property by Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore to testify falsely, defense Attorney Jerome J. Grogan spacifically ask Kara Hooker at Trial “my defendant shoes were in this bag before you could even see them, how did you know they were red & black?” Kara stated as Quot… “It was the PROSECUTOR!”… “So hold up ya’ll, hear me out lets put this whole thing in perspective” As we all just read and witness here, Kara Hooker was interviewed by Detectives Doug Eveslage, Robert Merkle, and Aaron Fitzgerald of Springfield Township Police Department followed by Hamilton County Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore, now what we was made known from the very start by witnesses/employees at the crime scene was A description of the suspect wearing A red shirt, black shorts, black skull- cap with A red bandanna revealing his EYEBROWS wearing ALL BLACK SHOES whom is an LIGHT-SKINNED black male, these same statements are also supported by Kara Hooker who was at close proximity to this suspect which information as to the suspects description was relayed to Detectives such as Doug Eveslage…. Doug Eveslage clearly stated that Kara Hooker gave him A full description of this suspect skin complexion and clothing that he wore, and indentified the suspect on A photo line- up array where Kara picked number #2 who is not the defendant Christopher J. Smith whom is MYSELF because I was number #3! As everyone can see, when reviewing the picture of myself posted on this Blog you can see that Im DARK SKINNED NOT LIGHT SKINNED! But, what we do know, okay, that we just heard Detective Doug Eveslage admits that Kara gave him A clothing description, which is NOT A description of me but, as Doug claims, for “WHATEVER REASON” Doug did not document those important facts on to the INCIDENT REPORT in which Kara Hooker could have be MURDERED due to his neglect to thoroughly report! Now Whats very conspicuous in this case everyone, “now hear me out on this point ya’ll”…. Is that through it all, Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore in her professional responsibility has A legal requirement to review material evidence and Law Enforcements documentational reports before its publication to compel or require the courts to proceed its case or dismissed due to any form of [ill] legal TECHNICALITY issues. Introspectively, what we do know is that Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore admitted at Trial that Law Enforcement [“The State”] DESTROYED EVIDENCE remember? [See… Trial Transcripts volume 5 of 7 Page 733]; The Prosecutor admits to destroying evidence! “Hear me out ya’ll, thats A big hole in the States case structure and foundation!” Therefore Katherine Pridemore also knew and conspired to officer Lieutenant David Schaefer’s using his hand gun against me inside of the Police station during his forcible seizure of my property which were my shoes and socks.

So if Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore knew about the unlawful seizure of my property, Pridemore also knew about defense Exhibit (1.A) which is the ACTUAL, the original Crime Scene Uniform Incident Report
generated by Detective Doug Eveslage under Case report
No:2008-10010, which means Katherine Pridemore was also aware that I was falsely accused under fabricated evidence by officers David Schaefer, Robert Merkle, & Aaron Fitzgerald of Springfield Township Police Department who further used their charging instruments
i.e. [Complaint Affidavt & Warrant]; to Fraudulently charged me for the crime but not the actual reported crime scene under No:2008-10010 by defrauding the charging instruments under report No:2008-30562B which is A False crime scene! Therefore, Katherine Pridemore is A lead conspirator who collusively participated in the unlawful use of Sham Legal Process to have me wrongfully convicted pursuant to in violation of 2921.52 of the OHio Revised code, this also means that Katherine Pridemore knew that the State of OHio never had SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION as the charging instruments to proceed to Trial which means this conviction is VOID! Kara Trieschman-Hooker was the shooting victim in this case, Kara and other witnesses came to Trial and NEVER ACCUSED ME for this Crime. Kara Hooker testimony at Trial was testimonies justifying my innocence, clearly the facts & record proves that! The facts also proves on the record that officer Doug Eveslage for “WHATEVER REASON” did not write down important information provided from Kara Hooker on to the Incident Report which warrants my suspicion as to Doug Eveslage’s failure to perform official duties and question Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore motives in character purpose, Kara Hooker testified that she spoke to officers and the Prosecutor on date 6.12.2008 An gave them A full description of the suspect, Kara then testified that she reported everything to none other but to Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore who later admits of destroying evidence!… To admit in destroying evidence, it was obvious to see that Katherine Pridemore at that point incriminated herself into obstructing justice, Kara Hooker testified that she knew about my property because the Prosecutor shown her, Katherine Pridemore motives was to Coerce Kara to testify falsely against me from her descriptions of the suspect by using my shoes contrary to what Kara actually saw! Doug Eveslage did not complete the documentations to the Incident Reports for whatever reason because Katherine Pridemore told officer Eveslage Not to! Inconveniently this scheme plays right into Katherine Pridemores character purpose which was during her whole grand scheme of things, Pridemore was maliciously fabricating the case up to have me wrongfully convicted!… Ladies and Gentalmen, Now we are in the section of this topic where I break it down to you and guide you in the right path to having A “OVERSTANDING” not understanding but overstanding about the many nonchallant spoken about and covered up situations amoung those who’s purpose is to misguide us. My goal is To educate you to the FACTS and present to everyone the TRUTH while coming POLITICALLY CORRECT to make you and our urban communities in your individual compacity to evolve and persevere strong an mentally So that we ALL can come togather with ADMINSTRATIVE knowledge and stand to make A change in our Government who politically uses politics as A SPORT to play with and hinder our lives… This whole Phenomenon created against me by the State of OHio Hamilton County Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore were prime examples of premeditated practices contrary to Law, conveniently beginning with Law Enforcement to the unethical practices rendered by the Judge to the racially biased selection of the jury against me. Many of us defendants involving our criminal justice system have also endured expressed bigotry from Government officials such as Prosecutor Katherine Pridemore unconstitutonal “Race-Neutral Reasons” for challenging and excluding African-American Jurors, Katherine Pridemore stated as Quot; “I couldn’t Establish A good “RAPPORT” with them and thats my Race-Neutral reason”… i.e.[Review statement in Trial Transcript volume #1 of 7 Page 166]; I and many of my readers would find that excuse of A statement nonsensically offensive as well as other caucasians who despise discriminatory displays of ill beings as A disgrace to their ethnic especially coming from A licensed criminal Law professional, but many of us who have that overstanding of Katherine Pridemores mentality in not estabblishing some sort of rapport with African-Americans requires Pridemore in building A relationship of trust outside her race,
something she never had towards African-Americans which is
expressed Today in many of our Government Institutions. As an OHioian, growing up from the ghetto, I clearly have A overstanding of the continuous struggles we face… We African-Americans As the MAJORITY in the United States, and we are the MAJORITY who feel as we are being maliciously misrepresented by our Criminal Justice System and State Senators & Representatives as A result of Political exclusions.. In my view these Government exploitations are meant to keep many of us SUBORDINATE, UNDER ADVANCED, PSYCHOLOGICALLY
MALADJUSTED, & SOCIALLY DISORGANIZED for institutional purposes as Conspirators for personal political economic gain. This is not about black and white ladies and gentalmen… Its about fairness and balance within our criminal justice system, but for A State Prosecutor such as Katherine Pridemore to say she don’t see color will be saying she don’t see me as Equal as to the same way Katherine Pridemore felt towards African-Americans during her Race-Neutral Reasons for excluding their participation on the jury.

I have A overstanding that crime within our cities can be quite
devastating, An nothing about investigations or apprehending the right suspects is easy… This is why it is very important that our Government Agencies recruit the best individuals that are passionate about
Protecting and serving our communities without prejudice, in as its very important to have Judges and prosecutors to act impartially while under the color of Law to the Authorities under the United States Constitution, Policies and Revised Codes. MANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS FAIL TO REALIZE THAT LEADERSHIP IS IN YOUR ACTIONS… NOT POSITIONS. There is so much corruption going on within our criminal justice system, as well as the United States Government, but we also have those who oppose this corruption within our criminal justice system just as much as those working inside the White House, and those working inside these institutions need not keep silent No More! SILENCE TO CORRUPTION IS A INDICATION OF BETRAYAL to our civilization, Government officials and we the American VOTERS made that mistake and let silence be our downfall. THE GREATEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE IS LIVING IN CONSTANT FEAR THAT YOU WILL MAKE ONE FOR SPEAKING UP, and being STRONG for whats RIGHT. Those in the State of OHio criminal justice system has A individual mandatory obligation to conduct themselfs professionally, in that procedures are followed and Police documentations are accurately submitted according to Law which has shown to be detrimental right now, A total lack of carelessness not only for the job, but, For Human Rights. As A child back then growing up from the ghetto, I’ve heard caucasian judges express thoughts of Bigotry by stating to young African Americans, As Quot; “ignorance of the Law is no excuse”… Me siting from the oppisit side from the judge really felt like that was A very arrogant and flagrant thing to say, but the way I heard it was A direct attack to our Lower class communities Elementary/Public schools who does not teach Advanced Political Science in criminal and civil Law studies such as Learning about the States Revised Codes and criminal/ civil Law Procedures and how its applied while in jr High and High school. However, its very disturbing that members within our police agencies and criminal justice system who are educated of the law are not Being impartial and fair but are committing more crimes and injustice against people of color because “we are not educated?” Therefore we are subjected to mistreatmeant? We have members in A society of our criminal justice system unlawfully using Sham Legal Process to illegally search, seize, arrest, commit Fraud, indict and convict by using the penitentiary as their base for enslavement directly aimed towards African-Americans, Mexicans, Lations and Muslims. A prime example to My point is the State of OHio Hamilton County prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore (0069587P) who fabricated this whole case against me with these one dimensional insane unorthodox mechanisms of practice, A person with an ill will disregard to even build A “rapport” with people of colored skin while in A professional position. I wasn’t charged because I Committed A crime, I was charged because of the color of my skin, the person shot was white, and the Judge needed A cover to protect himself from his Bribery investigation… What is happening As A cover up towards many defendants in the criminal justice system is that we are suffering from what I would call malicious “PERSECUTIONS” not Prosecutions but Persecutions resulting from their unlawful use of Sham Legal Process… Sham Legal Process and Persecutions are simular in nature, thus sham legal process is fraudulently use to falsely make you believe the States process is lawful but the truth is, overall, Sham Legal Process and malicious Petsecutions serves as A vehicle to HARASS and cause SUFFERING A form to OPPRESS which is the HERITAGE of WHITE SUPREMACIST identified as the KLU KLUX KLAN or the NAZI’s the MINUTE MEN is A Mid-West Government supremacy terror group… The Nazi’s excuted practices of what its called “POGROM” and Pogrom have the same DNA characters as Persecutions, but the Nazi’s under pogrom was an organized persecution and massacre of the JEWS simular traits to The klu klux klan which was an Government organized persecution and massacre of African-American which today falls under “POLITICAL RADICALISM” because their GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and use the system for COVER PROTECTION… An their form of Pogrom Today against African-Americans and Mexicans is the criminal justice system and the Penitentiary. When I say that our criminal justice system is being Bureaucratically operated, its not only because of Bigotry but our Government is being controled by the wealthy, and for this cause they are able to bribe those into committing obstructions, these are the people who are just unwieldy with their operations, and these people are called “PLUTOCRACIES” the REPUBLICANS fit right in these categories still today from the ending of slavery June 10th 1865 but we were still being oppressed our Liberty to Free Will because the Republicans with their “AUTHORITARIAN I GOTTA BE FERRIOR PERSONALITY” couldn’t stop their mayhem and just LET GO! Republicans continued their repressive ways even after the MURDER of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. April 4th 1968 who died for our Civil Rights… The smoke may appear to have settled down but the fire continued to burn inside Republicans hearts for Leverage… This consist of PSYCHOLOGICAL control by way to imprison our minds, DIVISION to keep us SOCIALLY DISORGANIZED, UNDER ADVANCED educationally and financially, for those working A Job that barely pays to survive, SUBORDINATE to keep us passive from exposing Government corruption and sharing the knowledge that we have… “What leverage would succeed this the Republicans thought?”… The criminal justice system and the Penitentiary.

The Democrats have their flaws too, coming from an independant point of view, Yes we as normal human beings can be quite philandering… but my point is we all make mistakes, and doing so we can’t allow our choices to define our weaknesses in making further detrimental mistakes to which the Republicans look to capitalize on and thats weakness. Former President Bill Clinton is an example of weakness, he failed us as President after his disclosed Affair with A woman by the name of Monica… The Republicans such as MITCH Mc’CONNELL then sought opportunity to take advantage of Bill Clinton behind this infidelity, As A result the Republicans in exchange made Bill Clinton sacrifice people like African- Americans, Mexicans, and Latinos to suffer behind the approval of the 1994 CRIME BILL to MASS INCARCERATON whiich is evident right now in 2019… To my point exactly their using the criminal justice system as their means of POGROM and the Prisons as ENSLAVEMENT because Republicans just CANT LET GO. An for A Black Man to Claim he’s A Republican is A Confused soul who needs Brain surgery… Ladies and Gentalmen CHECK THIS OUT, HEAR ME OUT ON THIS RIGHT HERE, I’ma explain this the best way I can okay… This involves President Donald J. Trump, and the State of OHio’s Hamilton County Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore (0069587P) who’s involved in having me wrongfully convicted As to both Katherine Pridemore and Donald Trump I compare these Two Because their actions are very quite simular as I merge these two sequences togather, hear me out ya’ll here I go… Politically speaking we All know what corruption is and what corruption consist of Lets begin with Katherine Pridemore and Donald Trump whos A great demonstration of commtting acts of corruptions involving LYING to Government officials rather on OATH, PUBLICALLY, or in OFFICE and other forms would be in my mind an view lets just say resorting to BRIBERY schemes rather recieving or giving its bribery, flat out, and BRIBING someone is A form of COERCION which is A lower level of A PASSIVE THREAT to MANIPULATE or DOMINATE someone PSYCHOLOGICALLY to have them to DESTROY or RESTRAIN themselfs from EXPOSING INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE against YOU by COERCING them to CONSPIRING into presenting falsehood which is CONSPIRACY now everyone is now looked upon As A group of CONSPIRATORS running A BUREAUCRATIC SYSTEM thats inflexible with their operations by systematically STOPPING, HINDERING, or DELAYING A process which will be A OBSTRUCTIONIST so people like Donald Trump and Katherine Pridemore who collusionally committed acts of corruptions in Lying, Bribery, Destroying, or Withholding evidence, FRAUD of any sort to A LEGAL requirement or DOCUMENTATION rather stopping, hindering Or delaying A process by means but not limited to A Government SUBPOENA or any of the FACTS above then undoubtely they have committed OBSTRUCTION… To Be Politically Correct. An to DAN ABRAMS I was watching the T.V. Show called THE VIEW where you Lied to Whoopie Goldberg and Sunny Hostin by claiming when Donald Trump told A guy to not Answer A Government Subpoena was not obstruction? Like Really Dan?… Really? “To my readers do ya’ll see how its apart of their creed to lie and misguide us in our face even on T.V. amoung Millions of viewers?” Anyway Love you Sunny you go girl Libra life… This is why its very important that concious wemen and men need to step up and seize The Day… Donald Trump, Mitch Mc’Connell and A list of other Republicans are the endorsees who supports the Civil Rights violation to Cruel unusual punishment in the approval of the1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration aimed towards African-Americans. The 1994 Crime Bill and structures of our Criminal justice system must be challengend forcefully and clearly. The State of OHio Senate,
Representatives and OHio’s Congressman must be challengend forcefully and cleary. Politicians have A job to do and we must make them do it. As A Political Prisoner & Activist I have A overstanding of how dark and foul OHio’s Government officials really are and politics shall not be played As A SPORT by A bunch of incompetent egocentric men who only Looks to justify their accomplishments in positions of Leadership as oppose to their ACTIONS which while those in OHio are made to Suffer and looked down upon As objects of study for upper class institutional purposes. Due to this use of Sham Legal Process, the State of OHio has Hundreds maybe thousands of men and wemen falsely accussed and wrongfully convicted against their will in these prisons majority followed Behind police corruptons. As A victim being held against my will for almost 11 years for A crime I never done and they know they framed me, I will not be silent and accept A supremacist criminal justice system to get away and continue committing Federal crimes against defendants who are less uneducated to their unlawful schemes and I will not stay quiet during this Political exclusion and exploitation demonstrated against our Lower to Middle class families predominately towards African-Americans. Thus far its been 25 years in effect since the Approval of the 1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration and none of our State of OHio Senators, Representatives, or Congressman consider to oppose and CHALLENGE this 1994 crime Bill which was formed
distinctively to discriminate against in violation to our Civil Rights, ultimately to deprive of Due Process and Equal Protection in A Bill that subsequently subjects defendants to cruel unusual punishment in violation of the 8th 13th & 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution. Clear as can be seen to us all that our State of Ohio Senators, State Rep, and Congressman does not Stand for the people in OHio. The OHio General Assembly does not consider us but andorse skelotol Bills that are unbecoming by way to ignore the real issues within our criminal justice system.

OHio’s Senators have A job to do, an we as their voters must police over our State Senators, Representatives, & Congressman to gain control over the operations in see that the job is getting done because our rights to the Constitution shall be protected by A Senator An Congressman who will fight for us. So if policing over them have to be the case then that must be the solution… But, the way to do that is Politically… Not with violence. Neighboring communities will need to Come togather somehow perhaps school auditoriums, places of warship Or even at A park, the subject matter within these meetings will be to discuss the abuse, neglect of any malicious practices of law such as this 1994 crime Bill to mass incarceration and how our States Sen failed to oppose and challange but due to neglect they misrepresented our well being which only justifies Senators condoned to such injustices. The Plan everyone, and this is A theroy of mine because we are the voters, but I also need your strong minds out their and ideas to make this work right, the plan is to generate A CORRECTIVE ACTION REPORT COMPLAINT AS A COMMUNITY DECISION regarding the Senators failures to perform official duties in not protecting the Civil Rights of his States voters to possibly within this Corrective Action Report / Complaint to have them removed and replaced as co-conspirators of obstructing justice in corruption to the 1994 crime Bill to mass incarceration. The Republicans has set the United States up To great failures, and those of you who has been released after wrongful convictions do not take it easy on them and file for A lawsuit suing for MILLIONS. Learn patience because the rewards are greater okay. Never stop your fight, never. My goal is to attack this 1994 crime Bill and the way to do that is to begin our paper trail against them! Stay vocal and with the Public everyone must lead stay creative with each other we will Grow economically but we must get corruption out of our offices of Government. Complaints & Grievances must be filed to our City Hall Buildings State Governor, and Congressman. To press these issues you can also start by calling these officials by phone or e-mail, you can google them to find out their info. Remember unity is everything but paper work against them is key because this burn holes in them! The crucial test of character is whether the state of Ohio Government acts decisively to correct the problems of its institutions and provide A genuine avenue of participation in community decision making… Here me out ya’ll here’s A vaild point, IF OUR PETITIONS AND OUR VOTES REALLY MATTER BY THIS GOVERNMENT, NOW ITS THE TIME TO BE SUPERFICIAL TO CONSIDER RATHER OUR GRIEVANCES ARE ACTUALLY BEING HEARD! An rather OHio’s Government acts precisively towards their intentional misconduct and misrepresentation. The 1994 Crime Bill is an attack against Civil Rights, The relevant issues are we must move our Government in CinCinnati OHio to face these issues responsibly and are held to answer for their neglective & virulent misrepresentation of our society… But, what I do know is that African- Americans, Mexicans, Latinos, and Muslims we have caught HELL right here under this American Democracy due to this 1994 crime Bill approval by former President Bill Clinton to Mass Incarceration… As A Independant, I cannot depend on Any Political MALE candidate from both the Democrats and Republicans who both have betrayed the principles of the Declaration of Independance. To Cultivate this situation I request that Congress TAKE CONTROL to improve our Government by removing the 1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration because this is A Bill which is intended to violate our Civil Right and principles to the United States Constitution. Due to this Bill, innocent defendants such as myself has endured immoral practices committed by our law enforcement such as being framed for false crimes that doesn’t exist seizures of our persons and property against the Constitution to being denied Due Process and Equal Proection Rights, To Law enforcements unlawful use of Sham Legal Process by defrauding their Charging Instruments due to the lack of probable cause charging people with false crimes… My point is We suffer from the abuse in this malpractice, so I also request that Congress to improve this sociopolitical situation and refine by initiating an Department of Justice Investigation into the case files of our criminal justice system to Support A change for Justice Reform. I am innocent and conclusive documentational proof showing my cause, but when we have corruption going on within our Courtrooms Habeas Corpus Petitions will just be denied. This is why that 1994 Crime Bill must go and Prosecutor Katherine E. Pridemore must be held to answer for committing Federal crimes against me… Civil Rights Leader Ida B. Wells is A African-American woman who witness horrible crimes being committed against us during her years, and what white people had during those times under their control was their own News Media network and news paper stands, so with them having those under their control, white people would commit horrible crimes against us ranging from telling lies that black men touch A white woman or raped her and they would wrongfully kill him without Due Process or if A black man is caught walking by himself they would capture him and wrongfully charge Him for A false crime, or just all out murder A black man an they will use their News Network to manipulate viewers as to their cause in harming A black man… So Ida B. Wells saw that their News was ONE SIDED to only make Blacks look bad. Ida B. Wells developed her own News Network Group and distributed her own News papers to EXPOSE the TRUTH in white people corruptive ways and its injustice. Because of Ida B. Wells in her perseverance, I Learned A valuable Lesson, when they commit they’re crimes, they don’t want to be sought… So they imprisoned my body, to prevent me to talk, held me against my will and thought I was done, because of Ida B. Wells playbook I Rised Above… This is my truth not A story I am innocent here to expose the truth and save our nation from A Economic war against our Race. Review your paper work ya’ll! A crime against one of us is A crime against us All.

Christopher J. Smith #A606.559
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo OHio 43608
or e-mail at; www. JPay .Com


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