Maurice Brown

Things, by Maurice Brown

There are things to think about; and there are things to say, there are things that actions prove; and faith should lead our way, the holy Spirit has a course; the will of God is true, the hope we have inside us; what can its courage do? We can think beyond the past; and learn from life each day, we must prepare for what can come; and think each time we pray, the gifts and talents given us; the opportunities God declare, all the things the humble find; are things his mercies share! Where we go and What we do; the things we think and speak, the lives we live and Who we are; in faith, will we be weak? We mustin’t live for status; we mustn’t live for fame, we must live a thoughtful life; and live free of shame, for that will be an honest life; where hope can be secure, a life well lived in complete trust; where deeds and faith are pure

DOC #A391784

Categories: Maurice Brown, poems

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