Terry Little

Neglecting Mental Reparation, by Terry Little

The story of Kalief Browder was brought to my attention by a friend, his story she told me brought a pool of idle tears to her eyes.
To Paraphrase his case’s history–he was a juvenile wrongfully convicted of stealing a backpack. Inauspicious as it was, he was subsequently exonerated of all charges two or three years later. However, time had already done it’s chore, as it has done to many other inmates, from previous, to those currently serving time. Kalief Browder would later committ suicide.
I could easily surmise why he had done so, as I presume many psychiatrist working in these facilities do, guessing on how to treat a man by probing them with their vain and skeptical questions, or immediately relieving a distraught man following a short session of what they would call positive results.
You can’t repair what’s lost in the mind of a man, but you can repair the novelty of aesthetics.
But I’ll just easily describe the throes of what incarceration would do to a man’s unchecked mental health when it’s treated with neglect. And a checked mind isn’t just a meeting to see how you’re holding your own, it is follow ups on how one is coping with his environment, or listening to a man’s distress.
The bonds of unagreed indentured servitude or the tides of being mixed among men of unlike character–men whose desires meets the list in the book of art of war–preys and insensitive and inconsiderate boys. To some Jailers, whose crude identities hidden behind that blue or gray is unmasked often. Or a justice system that plays by their own rules despite what articles and constitutions states.
All of this plays a legitimate role in the dissolution of a man’s dignity, hope, worth and his spirit, and if this combination is shattered at time, well, depression is certain to erect its onerous face.

Terry Little
DOC #A562207

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  1. Being that I am among thousands who suffer from depression, suicide Hits hard! and Speaks loud! Today I choose to live!


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