The Joker and Blue Eyes, by Major McCormick

(After reading this if there is any one that would like to help me with publishing this book or any of the others feel free to write or j pay. me. Whatever. needs to be worked out we can.) Written to All along the watch tower by Jimi Hendrix if possible listen to it as you read if you want more j pay me about any of the stories or I can write a book just for the blogs entertainment all rough drafts so be nice,.. Enjoy Yours truly
{“Alone? I was always alone without you. Glee swept across The Jokers face his heavy foot took over the gas pedal The truck raised up like a neighing horse. The traffic slowly started to part. The Joker raced The Truck into a motels parking lot He raced out of the truck into the lobby to purchase a a coke. He removed his revolver and tugged at the trigger. I’m back! put all the money in the sack take all of your jewelry off and smile while you’re doing it…. he pointed the gun at the little kid behind the counter You’re a genius kid I want you to bring me all of the boxes that make this camera work… move! you got a minute and eleven seconds to fill this bag up any funny noises kid you’ll be saying night night to these two here., the joker had the gun perfectly hidden from the outside. But Blue eyes could see the panic in the managers movements The Joker waved as he met Blue eyes worried face. He turned around to snatch the bag. he waited on the equipment from the camera the boy dragged it to the counter the joker tossed it on the floor and shot a hole through the metal boxes. You all have a nice day and say thanks to rehabilitation. He stormed out of the Jingling door. Hold the bag Frankie he tossed it. Hold it tight Frankie. Don’t open it until I stop the truck again. The Joker handled the truck like a construction worker handled a jack hammer with precision he slammed the gears until he reached his destination. He opened the door for Blue eyes. Come on lady PRIncess of love stand safely in the corner of the parking lot. He kissed her hand gently and curtseyed. Frankie dig your paw in the bag and hold on to what you grab. The joker snatched the bag. Be sure to share some of that with Lenny go pay for your licence Lenny. I see the life in you boys. They shook his hand Anytime okay son any time give me an address.. 1442 .east gate Your Moms? No me and my girls. The joker winked we have unfinished business. The Joker walked with a wiry rhythm Blue eyes watched her man with dreams in her eyes I can’t believe this Joker pinch me. The Joker sped his steps into a running kiss. Its us baby blue we shall never part. Look at that silver beauty in the center of the lot…That’s our car. No Joker. Yes Blue baby no don’t. Its Jimmy’s He had pictures of it in the cell.. Isn’t it gorgeous blue? Chrome mags polished pipes black leather and a hidden 200mph on the dash a car to die for. Now see in my calculations Jimmy knew I was coming to see him but he didn’t want to be followed why else would he be walking route 70? Never mind that.. You remember how to take a car? Hot wire? no i forgot he keeps an extra key in the gas cap take the car home go comfort your parents I’m sure their car made the news. Were leaving town. before sun rise Blue eyes. The jokers eyes stiffened there is no more yesterday……

The morning crawled around with the lovers tied in each others arms. I missed you so much. I can tell you didn’t let me rest for one moment. Joker tell me about your nights without me. Oh blue eyes please I don’t want to go through the torture of reliving a nightmare that’s what it was a none ending nightmare. The Joker traced blue eyes from her pouty lips to her button nose with his fingertips. I missed every inch of you. Being away from you was like not having a soul. I was empty, in love ,a burning hole ,heartless !with you I can feel I know I’m alive. Blue eyes responded with soft touches after all of these years Joker your heart still beats with mines shuush just listen. The Jokers eyes whitened his face softened. Yes he whispered after all of these years. It only proves my heart never left you. The Joker reared his ugly head. You’re a liar Blue eyes you left me and you left me for good! If I would have never returned I would have died in that bobwired castle and you would have slept your life away with all of my enemies. Blue eyes rolled off her stomach. You watch your Gotdamn mouth Joker You don’t know anything. You left me I didn’t leave you! Her voice broke if it was up to me I would have left with you. The Joker silent with fear of saying the wrong thing started dressing and fumbling for cigarettes. Give me a light blue eyes. She reached for her lighter flicking it as fast. The Joker grabbed her wrist The flame flickered their shadows along the wall. You will never leave me again!} .

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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