I AM, by Ronald Johnson

In the Higher Self, I am a King, His Majesty, A God-Man, a Co Creator of my Creator and Maker Allah, I am responsible, trusted a Son, Father, Nephew, Uncle, Grandfather, Student of Life, I am a Protector of my family, my community, my Moorish People, a Protectoe of self. In the Higher Self I stay in the rightous Mind Frame, I govern the sovereign, I am an Aboriginal, understanding I am Indigenous to this Land. I amwhat my Anicent forefathers and foremothers were and are without a doubts or contradictions , God people, Creators, Healers, helpers, Upliftersof fallen humanity and all hue-manity
In the Lowerself, I been all the Higher Self is not; I have allowed my sences to be my god, my thinking been distorted my the murkey ethers of the my flesh; I been a robber, a nigga, colored, I been a divider of my own people , I caused confusion; I have said ” look at what you made me do”. I been a killa, drug deala, drug user, community destoryer; I been irresponsible, not able to be trusted, I have once removed myself from the human family because I have once strayed after gods without eyes to see or hears to hear.
Now I come to ask you all today Who are you? Ask yourselves ” who am I ? Is your God your Thoughts, Deeds, Actions and Speach ? In which way if so, In The High or the low ?

Ronald Johnson-El
DOC #79020

Categories: religion, Ronald Johnson

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