Ronald Johnson

by Ronald Johnson

The Moslems have a proverb:”Prayer carries us halfway to God, fasting brings us to the doors of His palace, and alms (tithes) gain us admission.
” it is not the tithing itself that Returns the Benefit, but the Spirit In Man/Woman that Induces him to do so”( inpart:HKMSTA).
Now plase read the following with am open Mind for these are some Thoughts that move me to write this on 9-11-2-2018…

It is important to continue to Stomp Out all forms of hate in society…From racost, bigitory,which is a major issue, being it is a way to control many people and when we as people are not Linkes Together in Unity, it is easy to teach people they are inferior to the ones telling them such. Hate breeds terrorism, and terrorism effects us all over the world.
Who Profits off terror? Is it Big Bussinesses, the Elite? To some terror and hate is a way to profit via greed, taking advantage of a people who welcomed them on Land , in they homes, a peolple who welcomed them to live amoung them, welcomed them into thier familes.
I ask how much pain and suffering do we take ourselves through before we ask the Rulers of this Land to Acy. To act on the Law and the Rules governing them to be on our Lands. See terror and hate effects us all in a negative way, it takes away a hope for a bright positive furture, it places a Mind set in our societies, one of dispair. We must actively seek uot skills to instill in us all: Conflict Resolution. And apply this in our homes, with our Brothers and Sisters, our Children, our neighbor’s. People must be given chances, and vetted. We must not allow our communities to be war zone policed. And police must look over whelmingly look like the people they police.
We are all apart of the Human Family. Why harm through your Thoughts, Actions, and such, why not Love , and Forgive and see that seed Grow Big. We must Unite all over the World all of us especially us The Asaitics Nations of Amercia’s, we must take the Leadership roles on, as we uplift our Sisters and Brothers to do so. e must do so in the Governments of The World, take the leadership roles. We must go to the terror groups and express to them they must stop the ungodly acts of killing and harming. We must go to them and hear them out , but all hate must stop. We must reprogram our minds and know the changes for the Good, Love and peace will come from us the Asaitics of America, we must spread Love, this is Upliftings all Nations of People.
See You All Soon,

Ronald Johnson-El
DOC #79020

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