John Mcconnell

by John Mcconnell

Hello ” People of the blog ” im gonna write another lil something aboutmyself so that the wonderful administrator Suzie will put this at the top of my page so maybe I can get some action since Im pretty sure my 5 month stay in the hole aka the shu aka segregation unit may have put a damper on my communications and anyone that was trying 2 get with me. So… My name is Mac Im 34 years old from the Cincinnati Ohio area and I am now doing time in Warren correctional institution in lebanon ohio which is a level 3 close security joint but is much better than my last joint on the freedom aspect. It is also much cleaner and way more laid back to where Ill probably be able to stay oout of the way and get my security level decreased intead of increased. In my last joint I was always having to be involved in a lot of gang activity and me and my brothers were always into something it seemed but its sweet here I am the only homie In my block right now and I prefer it that way because its less of a headache all i have 2 do is worry about myself and my own actions and I know how to stand on my own ten toes so im happy about it! I just wanna do my time , better myself as much as possible and get the hell outta prison. I have appeals court coming up later this year and I am ecstatic about it! I love sports and I am by nature a very athletic and outdoorssy person I like to stay in shape and play intermural sports while incarcerated so thats my hobbies straight up lol. I love to laugh and have a good time and Im looking for friends that have a sense of humor and can make the best out of a dark time or a bad situation. If youre looking for me you know where to find me on jpay

John R. Mcconnell #a731-514
po box 120
lebanon ohio 45036

add yourself to my jpay and send me a message!

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