Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

I read once before: WHEN A MAN SPEAKS ABOUT A MATTER, BEFORE HAVING ALL THE FACTS, IT IS FOOLISHNESS ON HIS PART.I’ve come to realize through my life experiences, that is a true statement. Daily in here and on TV, I see people daily speak on things they have no knowledge of.And they pass off their opinions, thoughts,and feelings as facts. And this leads to a lot of speculation, gossip and slander. History has shown us the effects of speculation, gossip and slander. Wars have been started, communities have been up rooted, and lives have been lost, because of such talk.In the same book I also read:A NAIVE PERSON BELIEVES EVERY WORD HEARD.We live in a time to where people are readily to believe anyone who sounds like they are educated,without putting what they are being taught to the test.In my life time we have seen the catastrophic results of that. Jim Jones, David koresh, the heavens gate group. Black power and white power hate and racist and separatist groups. All of them are the results of misinformation and stereotypical thinking. And that’s just to scratching the surface of that type of thinking. We live in a time to where we have access to so much information,that we should be selective on what we take in.Because what we take in affects our thinking and our actions. I’m not perfect, but I do make a conscience effort to be careful what I take in.And with that being said,I never assume anything and I never allow my personal opinions to affect my judgment. I believe none of what I hear,and half of what I see. Because what you hear is always second hand, and what you see,is just that. Because your eyes don’t give you all the facts. So everything being said. CHECK THE SOURCE OF YOUR INFO FOR ACCURACY BEFORE PASSING IT ON,OR BELIEVING IT.AND STAY AWAY FROM GOSSIP

Archie Wilder
DOC # 414917

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