Dennis Watson

The Obituary, by Dennis J. Watson

They all start the same, that he or she was a good person… All the people they left behind & the bickering behind 1st dibbs… Fabricated fibbs lives in the mouths of the unrighteous… Took me a long time to get there, & you have no idea how hard my fight was… My name has been drug through the mud but they best thing about it is… They all believe everything they hear until it happens to them… Continuing to tear me down like a building that’s been condemned… Fake tears & awaken fears live in the clear hindsight of the weak… The grave sight that I lay in only feels like it’s inches deep… No one reaches anymore… At the same time will wait until the will is read just to see if they can establish more… The rapport has been shattered, & the more I think about it is making the core of me rattle with massive anger… Strangers read & believe the things they hear within an earshot of bullshit… Constantly spoken about in the pulpit trying to give my dirt a good rinse… What about the shit that they forgot about that you clench between your buttcheeks… Not even 1,000 showers could drown out the smell off of the things you could never wipe clean… I just might be the best thing to happen to you… Even after the slow words of the judge being read is made just to chop & screw you… Who do you think I am? When I’m no worse than the man in your mirror… When you lie to my face disgracefully & still expect me to be civil… The little things should never destroy us… It just leaves us with a foul odor like taking a number 2 on the tour bus… Now you know you’re wrong for that… Like karma doesn’t exist just because you don’t believe in bet backs… I bet that if they knew I was alive… That they’d just treat like I was supposed to still confide, in them… My backbone stem still is stronger than wolverine’s undercarriage… It didn’t take them any time at all to forget that I still breathe once they read, They obituary…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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