Christopher J. Smith

Prison Media Network Group, by Christopher Smith


Ladies & Gentalmen welcome, my name is Christopher J. Smith (A606.559) former Number 1 Fashions Clothing store sells assistant & Activist who has been unlawfully arrested, kidnapped & wrongfully held captive against my will for TEN years within prisons of Lebanon
Correctional & now confined at the Toledo Correctional Institution in Toledo OHio. The purpose of me writing this Blog is to Educate those to An malevolent form of Government corruption pertaining to unlawful arrest & wrongful convictions, based upon falsely & unauthorized
FRAUDULENT but improperly submitted DOCUMENTATIONAL Police Reports As to their CHARGING INSTRUMENTS e.g. [Affidavit, Complaint, & Warrant]; filed within our institutions, CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, Trial & Judicial process regarding officials obstructing justice against defendants & to bring awareness on what to look for & how to detect these obstuctions by reveiwing the Fraud committed on the Police INCIDENT REPORTS to the use of Sham Legal Process used on the charging instruments to unlawfully hold many defendants captive in State prisons & also how to assess A FACTUAL claim of ACTUAL INNOCENCE through your DOCUMENTATIONAL EVIDENCE, while under A Politically motivated Buearucratic system of Chattel we face in the STATE OF OHIO. My main address today is to reach out to thos AFRICAN-AMERICAN communities MEXICAN & MUSLIMS to inform everyone living in the STATE OF OHIO that we are undergoing A POLITICAL ECONOMIC WAR against our race within our CRIMINAL JUSTICE & JUDICIAL system & many of you may not know or wasnt paying close attention at the time & this is resulting from the Approval of Mass Incarceration generated since the Presidency of former President BILL CLINTON, which Approval indiscreetly revealed the hidden BIAS agendas among officials in A society of our Criminal Justice system who’s efforts is to abused the power & Authority towards people of color which gave way to Law Enforcements unawful use of SHAM LEGAL PROCESS pursuant to in violation of 2921.52 of the OHIO Revised Code, on up to unlawful practices of Law executed by individual members of our Criminal Justice society where innocent but unlawfully criminally charged defendants are made objects discriminatorily within our courts not having SUBJECT-MATTER JURISDICTION on grounds pertaining to FRAUD being committed on the CHARGING INSTRUMENTS by incorporating Fraudulent Crime Scene Case Numbers that doesn’t EXIST which will be inconsistent to the ACTUAL case reported number from Police Crime Scene/Uniform Incident Report case number, in their unlawful precurement of Jurisdiction by which SHAM LEGAL PROCESS will be used to indict defendants FALSELY based on INVALID
Fraudulently submitted police documentations. Due to the Approval of Mass Incarceration, criminal defendants have suffered from the abuse within the court of Appeals and Federal court Judges efforts to enervate inmates Habeas Corpus Petitions for A deceitful or illegal purpose to deprive of vigor and avoid A critical or vital part of our Petitions showing that the CONVICTION IS WRONGFUL, so during the Trial phase well into the Appeal proess defendants are denied his or hers DUE PROCESS &
EQUAL PROTECTION RIGHTS & subjected to CONSTITUTIONAL EXCLUSION to being EXPLOITED not only for socioeconomic staus or
Political gain but deprivations resulting from INSTITUTIONALIZED INDIVIDUAL PREJUDICE. Because of this biased delibrate indifference projected from our criminal justice system there is no assumption to question that its very well possible to assume, that members of that society in the sense in their own ways on the job due to Mass
Incarceration have been institutionally expressing FASCIM. Former President Bill Clinton was the “JACK OF ALL TRADES” he played on the Lower Class weaknesses by establishing such Government benefits such As walfare to keep those Subordinately dependant upon Walfare in his efforts to gain socioeconomic status by exercising charisma,
meanwhile supported the REPUBLICANS after his disclosed Affair with
MONICA (LAWINSKY)–name spell check–; which blackmale lead to his approval of Mass Incarceration, which gave bias Law Enforcement officers the ability to apply their inquisitions to the unlawful use of SHAM LEGAL PROCESS predominatly aimed towards AFRICAN-AMERICANSMEXICANS, & MUSLIMS alike which apparently is evident Today in the year of 2019… That affair with Monica was A inculpated exchange for what the Republicans nefariously wanted to execute but not while under Any Republican Presidecy to Mass Incarceration! Due to this fact gave
Prosecutors & Judges who were masking their BIGOTRY to unmask themselfs & disclose their ALLEGIANCE TO WHITE SUPREMACY by unlawfully participating under their own operation of An organized crime
criminal enterprize against AFRICAN-AMERICANS using the
PENITENTIARY As their way of keeping the NIGGER in SLAVERY still.
Even if you’re innocent they just dont care because White Supremacy involving corrupt Republicans are controlling the Criminal justice system! I am here to present to my readers the TRUTH & what Government officials dread to happen in what is called “THE DAY”! I hope that many of my readers would learn by studying while taking notes from my situation to protect one another from these
OBSTRUCTIONS committed by the STATE OF OHIO Governments official Oath to allegiance operating under white Supremacy. Me coming forward As A innocent man & victimized by the city of CINCINNATI’s Law enforcement Springfield Township Police Department who has committed these unlawful crimes against me June 9th 2008 to my unlawful arrest August 25th 2008 which actions brought to my attention to disclose the following listed names within the State of OHio criminal justice system who has also been operating under the allegiance of white supremacy who’s actions conspired in executing unlawful practicesof Law towards individuals of color,

to collusively receiving bribes to act dishonestly in the court of Law against the innocent where actual criminals are set free from Prosecutionbecause the poor, innocent, & falsely accused aren’t able to pay the bribe & therefore made to suffer wrongful Prosecution. I & m inmates from CINCINNATI OHIO have endured horrific realities something simular to the 1960’s events regarding criminal justice RACI we are faced with rascim within OHIO’s criminal justice system from A known MID-WEST GOVERNMENT white suprem group called the “MINUTE MEN” who are the dictatorials you know dictators behind OHio’s Mass Incarceration! “Do your research everyone this is TRUE facts, download the “T.I.S.” app [Time In History]; and see for yourself.” This group exstends to Prosecutors, Lawyers, Judges, Clerks, Law Enforcement, The Ohio Department of Justice, The Ohio Attorney Generals Office such As former Ohio Attorney General now State Governor MICHAEL DeWINE, on to the selection of the members to the Jury of your Criminal Trial. Here are the names of the officials who Obstructed justice under the Allegiance of the MINUTE MEN… I ask that you take Notes and research the Case facts submitted by me to the Bias Judgements rendered by the courts, in addition, to those who conspired to execute unlawful practices to collusively recieving bribes to act dishonestly. Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge; JOHN ANDREW WEST…See Trial No:B0806629; Chief Prosecutor JOSEPH T. DETERS; Assistant Prosecutor KATHERINE E. PRIDEMORE (0069587P) of the bar association; Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, GREGORY HARTMANN; Hamilton County Coroners Office, WILLIAM R. HARRY… “William R. Harry produced false DNA Lab reports against me, Under Lab Report Case No:6131-02″… First Appellant District Court of Appeals Judge: CUNNINGHAM, SUNDERMANN, & HENDON…See Appeal Case No:C090335… Supreme Court of OHio Judge: MAUREEN O’CONNOR…See Case No:2010-0776 and Case No:2016-0863… Supreme Court of OHio Disciplinary Counsel: AMY C. STONE [failure to investigate]; United States District Court for the Southern District of OHio Judge: BECKWITH, & Magistrate Judge: MERZ…See Federal Case No:1-10 cv 841…
United States District Court for the Southern District of OHio Judge: BLACK & Magistrate Judge: LITKOVITZ…see Federal Case No:1-16 cv 998… Sixth circuit court of Appeals Chief Judge: COLE & Circuit Judge: GUY and GILMAN…See Federal Case No: 2016-4310…
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge: DAUGHTRY, GRIFFIN & STRANCH… See Federal Case No: 2018-4140… Sixth Circuit Clerk of Courts: DEBORAH S. HUNT… Sixth Circuit Case Manager: CHERYL BORKOWSKI & RICHARD W. NAGEL… Former OHio Attorney General now State Governor MICHAEL DeWINE (0009181) of the bar association… Assistant Attorney General: MARY ANNE REESE (0044029) of the bar…
United States OHio Department of Justice Attorney: BENJAMIN C. GLASSMAN & KENNETH L. PARKER [failure to investigate conclusive documentational proof of Obstruction sent on date 7/16/2016]; … Springfield Township Police Officers AARON FITZGERALD Badge No:225, ROBERT MERKLE Badge No:196 & Lieutenant DAVID SCHAEFER…
Beginning with Judge John Andrew West and chief Porsecutor Joseph T. Deters, due to their sociopolitical engagements in actions of executing miscreant practices of law and rebellion aganist the established authorityof the State, Judge Andrew West and Joseph T. Deters are not much different from each other, in fact they both share mendacious commonalities very much well as ignoble and hoked coherently speaking, introspectively to those who are superficial I necessitate to those in Hamilton County and many of you reading this section to rewined your memories and attention to the years of 2000 and the year of 2008. Beginning around the year of 2000, the public through our local News Network was made aware in the departure and termination of Hamilton County Chief Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters regarding unparliamentary practices while while under the color of law involving committing Federal crimes of EMBEZZLMENT literally stole Tens of Thousands of Dollars using departmental checks to which the sole purpose of the checks are to be used to fund equipments for law enforcement and any other means required for State causes, instead Joseph T. Deters withdrew its institutions checks in his scam to funding his own lavish life style. Nothing about Joesph T. Deters criminal activity was kept in secrecy, however, Embezzlment was just the tip of the scale, Joesph T. Deters was also found during the investigation involved in receiving BRIBES ranging from Executives, Criminals, and other affiliates contributing to his cause. As OHioians, we are well aware that any criminal activity committed by an Employee of the State while acting under the color of law is A Federal Crime without consideration. Many of us OHioians have been siting back quietly watching Governmentofficials in Cincinnati obstructive actions while observing and questioningthe hidden causes behind each officials motives. Joseph T. Deters was under fire for acts of embezzlment and bribery schemes, as A result he was terminated as chief prosecutor of Hamilton County. But offensively to the many OHioians Joseph T. Deters was not criminally or federally charged here! Many of us questioned “who was the whistle blower against Joseph T. Deters”? Some consider that the criminal j system indirectly revealed their message to the public on another spoken level… A mechanism within their message I found to be shrewed and very distrubing which go’s to the heart of injustice, the State of OHio main character purpose was distinctively motivated which was improperly bold and disrespectful towards our intelligence, the State of OHio claimed to have terminated Joseph T. Deters due to his criminal misconduct but many have questioned “did they really”?

Absolutely Not because Joseph T. Deters License to practice law was never DISBARRED accorrding to law! Now lets talk and break down this message alright… The State of OHio’s performance was A message addressing to Cincinnati’s population that criminal activities committed by State Employees in so many ways are permitted to do such with impunity meaning exempting those like Joseph T. Deters and any other corrupt official from criminal prosecution. Think about this everyone because the facts have been demonstraited and proven on many harsh levels against us, victims like TIMOTHY THOMAS murdered by Police, victims like SAM DEBOIS murdered by Police, “but hold up hold up hold up ya’ll hear me out”… Whats heartening is that, that same shooting officer who murdered Sam Debois presented himself infront of the Jury of his Trial wearing none other but an abvious Tee-Shirt that fully represents RACISM! An the Trial Jury system, for instance, worked to maintain obvious attacks by FASCISM such as these TERRORIST ACTS instead of prosecuting and punshing him! To those of you who are reading this let me ask you A question okay… “Are you or have you been A victim regarding A crime being committed against you by law enforcement or any Government Agency or witness A friend or family member suffered from such abuse rather wrongfully murdered or unlawfuly held against their will inside of prison”? “Have you been to A Trial seeking justice and really felt like the jury and the State officials were all against you while operating togather as some sort of Racist supremacy group”? Listen ya’ll I do assure you that the feelings to all of your intuitions indeed have been absolutely right on point! What you and I have gone through and witness was A clear demonstraition and message from the State of OHio distinguishing their distinctively distinct motivated institutionalized BIGOTRY against us resulting from their Government allegiance operating under A white supremacy group called the “MINUTE MEN” which is A known Mid-West Government society operating within the Hamilton County Criminal Justice system! Allow me to re-introduce myself to corrupt Government officials, reach for A Dictionary just call me “Altruistic,” theoretically my knowledge of who you all really are may inconveniently leave many of you to maunder while having mutually conflicting emotions regarding such exposer within our Hamilton County Criminal Justice System and how you State officials are using the criminal justice system as your driving force of A Weapon to perform acts of terrorism simular to Lenching but killing those of Color in another form by denying African-Americans Due Process of Law, but this time without the ropes around our necks by using the State Prisons as the Mountain Ground for ENSLAVMENT. Unconventional thus this may sound and what makes my statements not so far-fetched is that its TRUE! Prime Example see STATE OF OHIO, VS. CHRISTOPHER J. SMITH Trial Case No:B0806629. The point at hand here is that Law Enforcement and Joseph T. Deters have committed Federal Crimes and the State behind the scenes worked togather to not prosecute cases against them, what many OHioians have to understand is that when Government officials including Law Enforcement commit horrible crimes against us you must FILE CHARGES FEDERALLY! You must SUE THE STATE FEDERALLY! Any police district regarding A officer or Government Agent or Agency employed by the State is FEDERAL remember that, even if you’re wrongfully convicted its FEDERAL but you must have your conviction reversed or exonerated first. Now back to my Point, Joseph T. Deters committed crimes of Embezzlment and Bribery schemes to which the State of Ohio failed to have him criminally charged but gave OHioians the false appearance that Joseph T. Deters was terminated to practices as chief prosecutor for the city of Hamilton County but Deters was never disbarred of his License to practice Law, therefore the city of Cincinnati sought oppertunity to munipulate their voting process as their way to collusionally give the appearance that A criminal like Joseph T. Deters was re-elected as chief prosecutor for Hamilton County when in fact during this whole “EPISODE” in the grand scheme of things was that institutionalized Bigotry were supporting Deters actions every step of the way. but we African-Americans, Mexicans, Latinos, and Muslims are subjected to harsh conditions manifested under this Minute Men allegiance personal ETHNIC
DECLARATION of INTENTIONS used within the Hamilton County Criminal Justice system where their methods are Political Supremacy Practices of RADICALISM which is evident due to mass incarceration that their main motives to repression is by using the penitentary as their way of keeping the young, the poor, the innocent negro in slavery. Innocent defendants such as myself has and are now suffering from what I would call malicious “PERSECUTIONS” not Prosecutions but Persecutions and sent to Prison falsely under fabricated evidence to fraudulent
improperly submitted but unauthorized police charging instruments and reports, which malpractices now brings me to introduce my next Hamilton County Common Pleas Court criminal Law Breaker Judge John Andrew West. Beginning around the year of 2008, Judge John Andrew West started his own operational scheme during the services of his courtroom which consist of recieving BRIBES, these bribes many of which were amoung the most dangerous of Cincinnati’s street gangsters ranging from gangbangers to known drug distributors, armed robbers to the most virulent of violent offenders. For several years in clandestine Andrew West has been operating his bribery scheme, however, Andrew West key player and right hand man was his own BAILIFF who was his operational support manager in negotiating the bribes with criminal defendants.

Ultimately, those payments then deterrence Judge Andrew West to remove objectionable or incriminating material from the record before its publicaton where he can then have his bailiff to ALTER and munipulatedefendants court date appearances by prolonging the dates to the extent that court dates VANISH and paper work shows its process haulting to A dead end. Many cases under Andrew West during his shenanigans he would or may also state on the record as Quot reviewed before him today is based on conjecture and his findings are based on incomplete or inconclusive evidence to proceed forw therefore the case will be dismissed”… June 9th 2008 Judge Andrew West business became complicatded, Andrew West was going against the grain during his bribery scheme while exercising control against his colleagues who were aware and participants of this illegal operation. Conseqentiality his colleagues obbligato to Andrew West scheme undoubtedly go’s with him paying Rations to none other than to State Prosecutors, but inconveniently Judge John Andrew West made the determination to eliminate paying the Rations which information peaked the interest of Chief porsecutor Joseph T. Deters. Judge John Andrew West were placed under investigation without leave of duty, the strategy from their mechanism was not only malaise, but A clear warning giving Andrew West an altimatum to coorperate or face ramifications detrimental to his career. Decisively, Andrew West evaluated his fate, too many cases who were African-American defendants under his judgement were inferences based on incomplete or inconclusive evidence or cases that seemingly just Awoled. Surely, Andrew West understood if he’s investigated thoroughly records would establish Probable Cause that an bribery operation occurred. Andrew West conscious grew into A wave of desperation, he couldn’t allow another major case to go unprecedented based on his miscreant displays of Law, even if it occurred to him of presiding A case which actually exhibits incomplete or inconclusive evidence, now was not the time for Andrew West to risk compromising any investigation against him. The fricton was in the air but the storm surpassed over the investigation, due to Andrew West guilty conscious, desparat over him physiologically caused by the investigation bribery scheme, Andrew West presided my case where I was then denied EqualProtection and Due Process Rights of Law, later in the Case Judge John Andrew West was made aware that Police seized my persons and property then Altered, Planted, and destroyed evidence in violation of my 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights Andrew West patronized this case against me, clearly baffled the facts after his review to deprive its vitality based on contrary prevaricated judgements. June 9th 2008 I was unlawfully arrested, kidnapped to being harassed with A Gun by police of Springfield Township while inside of their station where they took advantage to munipulate my vulnerability by ravishing me during A forcible seizure of my shoes and socks while against my will, I was framed, falsely accused by police and Fraudulently charged for A crime of Felonious Assualt and Aggravated Robbery I did not commit and was later arrested August 25th 2008. September 5th 2008 I was additionally charged under An indictment for Attempted Murder, Robbery and weapons while under disability, all with specifications. During A Plea or Trial Hearing I Plead Not Guilty. Judge John Andrew West reviewed evidence and testimony and sought that I was unlawfully arrested on unauthorized warrants under A Fraudulent Incident crime scene police report Case No:C08CRA10010B, which is contrary to my trial defense Exhibit (1.A) which is the ACTUAL reported Uniform Incident report case number under, No:C08CRA10010, As A result of Springfield Township Police unlawful use of Sham Legal Process, due to the Lack of Probable Cause, Police DEFRAUD (cheated) their charging instruments e.g.,( Affidavit, Complaint, & Warrant ); Pursuant to in violation of 2921.52 also 2933.56 (A)(1) and 2933.32 (a)(b)(c) and (E)(2) of the OHio Revised code. According to OHio Criminal Rule 4. (D)(3) (A)(1); OHio Rule of Criminal Procedure 3. and Federal Rule Civil Procedure 4. (G) of the OHio Law, after review of my Case pertaining to the Police charging instruments used against me, NONE of the Procedures above was followed or Authorized by State and Federal Law to arrest & charge me for some Aggravated Robbery and Felonious Assault that occurred June 9th 2008. Defense Exhibit (1.A) in my Case is the Actual Uniform Incident Report of this Crime Scene case reported as No:2008-10010, compared to the police charging instruments the Affidavit, Complaint, & Warrant, which they defraud under report No:2008-30562B, due to the lack of Probable Cause to charge me for the actual crime, you will see conclusive incriminating proof in their obstructions to falsely accuse me by using Sham Legal Process. Further proof is that the Affidavit and Complaint does not state what company was robbed it does not state who was the victim that was shot, and it does not state any property that police seized from me and it does not state any evidence such as DNA being found on me by any Law Enforcement officer. All we have is A officer saying Christopher Smith committed A violation to A crime and thats, that with no other stated facts. This use of Sham legal Process by officers of Springfield Township is so Awkward and incompetent that they generated an Investigation Report under incident No:2008-00363 statementing allegations towards me from A made up case by falsely
incorporating 00363 to the original Case No:2008-10010 but turn around and put A warrant out for my arrest under crime scene Incident No:2008-30562B which is FRAUD and not the ACTUAL crime scene!

Public defender Jerome J. Grogan (0076029) of the bar Association moved the court for A Motion ordering the court Judge John Andrew West to Suppress the Evidence, As A result Andrew West denied our Motion to Suppress Evidence. Attorney Jerome J. Grogan under the Rules of evidence were trying to for the record requested to submit the original Police reports, for possible Appeal purposes to prove that John Andrew West is sought “versari in re illicita” latin for proceeding A case while acting againsy the Law, Andrew West reviews the ACTUAL reported Incident Police Reports under Trial Defense Exhibit (1.A) Crime Scene No:2008-10010, after his review, Judge Andrew West SUSTAIN did not allow the Actual offense report in! Judge Andrew West knew the case was built on FRAUD being the “fact finder” here and his misconductcan be sought in my Trial Transcripts volume 5 of 7 pages 711-713 Andrew West clearly obstructed Justice here to An obvious factual showing to my Actual Innocence when arrogantly made this statement impartially against me on the record, As seen on my Trial Transcripts volume 5 of 7 pages 863-871 As Quot… “Of course, the issue at this stage in the proceedings is whether or not there is in the record, evidence Sufficient for A conviction”… September 5 2008 Judge John Andrew West proceeded to Trial me under Hamilton County Case No:B0806629 clearly Andrew West had something to hide involving my case, PROOF TO MY INNOCENCE off the record, but damaging testimony from the State of OHio self incrimination show their unlawful use of Sham Legal Process against me. I was not found guilty because I committed A crime… No! The same year of 2008 Andrew West was under investigation in suspicion of operating A bribery scheme, his desperation for A conviction to derive investigators using my Case as his “escape goat” were motives to hide his own discrepancies due to his guilty conscious! This is why I was wrongfully convicted ya’ll. Remember the use of Sham Legal Process ladies and gentalmen is used Unlawfull when State officials motives are to SCHEME, STEAL, CHEAT, LIE, & HIDE something which Judge John Andrew West & Law
Enforcement has demonstraited her in this Case against me.

Christopher J. Smith #A606.559
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo OHio 43608
or e-mail at:

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