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My Bent and How I See It, by Mark Blain

Theologically speaking, I generally accept and follow Calvinism, when it comes to the acronym “T.U.L.I.P.” However, my theological ventures, and interpretation of Scripture, are much more to the bent of what some might label “Jewish Mysticism.” In point of fact, there are very few theologians whom would subscribe to my appreciation of Scripture and the writings of that which is called: “The New Testament.” To that you see here I, unlike most, SEPARATE “Scripture” from the “NT.” Why do I do that? you might ask. Well, think about it for a moment? Whenever the man called “Jesus,” was, as He put it, quoting from the “Scriptures” or from “Moses” or from the “Law,” was there ANY such thing as a New Testament even in ANY form? NO! Of course not! In fact, the earliest known NT document (believed to be the Gospel of Mark) didn’t even appear before AD 70. So, when people try to collectively speak of Scripture, and in so doing they inclusively speak of the NT being Scripture, they are WRONG! And so you see, me? I would not do that. For me, Scripture is ONLY the following:

1) The Torah ( Hebrew, “teaching” ). The “Pentateuch,” in contrast to the other sections of the Old Testament. Torah is comprised of the first five books of Moses:
a) Bereshith (Heb., “in the beginning”), or
as we know it in English, “Genesis.”
b) Sepher Yezi’ At Mizrayim (Heb. “Bk. of the Departure from Egypt”), or, in English, “Exodus.”
c) Wayyikra (Heb. “and called”), or, in English, “Leviticus.”
d) Bemidbar (Heb. “in the wilderness”), or, in English, “Numbers.”
e) Alah-HaDeberim (Heb. “these ((are)) the words/law”), or, in English, “Deuteronomy.”

2) The Prophets:
a) Isayah/Yeshayah (Heb. “salvation of Ya”), or, in English, “Isaiah.”
b) Yeremyah (Heb. “may Ya lift up), or, in English, “Jeremiah.”
c) Yechetzqyah (Heb. “may Ya strengthen”), or,in English, “Ezekial.”
d) Hosheyah (Heb. “Ya saves”), or,in English, “Hosea.”
e) Yahyl
f) Amosyah (Heb. “corroborated by Ya”)
(Ya “strengthens” or “confirms” or
“establishes” or “sustains” or Ya
“supports his own words”), or,
in English, “Amos”;
g) Obadyah (Heb. “worshipper of Ya”), or, in English, “Obadiah.”
h) Yahnah (Heb. “ornament of Ya”), or, in English, “Jonah.”
i) Mica yah (Heb. “who is like Ya”), or, in English, “Micah.”
j) Nachumyah (Heb. “consolation of Ya”), or, in English, “Nahum.”
k) Habakkuk/Chabaquq (Heb. “encouragement”), or, in English, “Habakkuk.”
l) Zephanyah/Tsephanyah (Heb. “protected by Ya”), or, in English, “Zepheniah.”
m) Cha yah (Heb. “feast of Ya”), or, in English, “Haggai.”
n) Zecharyah (Heb.”remembrance of Ya”) or, in English, “Zecheriah.”
o) Malakyah (Heb. “messenger of Ya”), or, in English, “Malachi.”

3) History:
a) Yashua Ben Nun (Heb. “Yashua Son of Nun, Ya saves”), or, in English, “Joshua”.
b) Shophetim (Heb. “the judges”), or, in English, “Judges.”
c) First and Second Samuel – Shemuyl (Heb. “heard of Ya”).
d) First and Second Kings – Sepher
e) Melakim (Heb. “Bk. of Kings”).
4) Hagiographa (Gk.”sacred writings”):
a) Riyyah (Heb. “friend of Ya”), or, in English, “Ruth.”
b) Dibre Hayyamim First and Second Chronicles (Heb. “records of the times”). c) Dibre Hayyamim Ezra (Heb. Ezrayah, meaning “Ya helps”).
d) Dibre Hayyamim Nehemiah (Heb. Nehemyah, meaning “Ya has consoled).
e) Hadassah (Heb. “myrtle”), megillah Esther.
f) Iyyob (Heb. “persecuted”), or, in English, “Job”.
g) Psalms (Heb.”sepher Tehellium La-Ya,” meaning, “the Bk. of the Songs of Praise to Ya”).
h) Sepher Mishlei Mishlei Shelomo Ben David Melek Yisrayl (Heb. “the Bk. of Wise Sayings”), or, in English, “Proverbs”.
j) Qoheleth (Heb. “one who calls together the congregation”), or, in English, “Ecclesiastes”.
j) Shir Ha-shirim, Shir Ha-Shirim Asher Li-Shelomo (Heb. “Song of Songs of Solomon”).
k) Qinot (Heb. “Eikhah! O How!”), or, in English, “Lamentations”).
l) Daniyl (Heb. “mighty judge”).
m) Zecharyah (Heb. “remembrance of Ya”), or, in English, “Zechariah”.

And one must take into consideration that the sacred words have significant SPIRITUAL meaning to them. They are not, as some would have people believe, to be literally comprehended. But we can save that for another day.

Stay Solid As A Rock and I will too.
Agape in Yashua Messiah…m

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