Tony Lewis

The Final Draft, by Tony Lewis

(An Excerpt from) My Letter To DL Hughley

Written April,2019 @ 11:04 PM

” Judge not, that he be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again” – St. Matthew 7:2

Dear DL,
As you can see, its late at night as I write this. And the reason Im writing to you man, isnt merely to congradulate you on the launch of your show, or express my liking and admiraton for your comdey; Im taking this leap at faith and writing to you(and others) because Im on a mission to make things right, and Im doing what Im about to do because sincerely…DL, I dont want my mugshot to be my only masterpiece.
See, it wasnt until the last mintues of your podcast that I grew compelled to reach out to you. Man, the things you spoke, about Nippsey Hussle’s alledged killer, moved me tremendously; so much that I wished prisons provided Tivo, so i couldve replayed tha wisdom as many times as my soul needed. And if you believe that everything happens for a reason, then I remain confident of the outcome of this letter.
DL, Im writing to you because your ‘ Number 2’..and no, not the one-eyed henchman, but the second name, on a list of 10. This list, is my list of respectable memebers of our society, that I MUST make contact with, and persuade them to step into my life and become my mentor….something I really need and want.
This task( of reaching out to 10 people like yourself) isnt optional; its a necessity, in order for one to completely graduate from a coarse called Micheal Santos’s Straigth A Guide.
The Straight A Guide is a lenghty educational program, designed to propell prisoners with potential into prisoners who prosper through positive endeavors. Its for folks like I- a person who has the capablity of doing so much good, but chooses to do bad. And like I said, at the beginning of this letter… the reason your reading these words, is becaseu aim fed up, with my old way of thinking, and quite frankly, im just tired of looking myself in the mirror, and not liking the individual who stares back. Im ready the most, so my por choices of my past can not hinder who I know I can be in the future. And brah, thats real Talk.
Ten years ago, shortly after returning back from a deployment overseas, I fell back into a lifestyle I wanted to leave behind, in my hometown of Washington DC ( shout out to Wale, man) But after one of my guys was jumped and robbed, by four dudes who we were at odds with, retailiation opened the door for a couple street fights, which then lead to a shooting outside a club one night, and that..lead to the violation of four innocent women, who we deemed close to our “enemies”; some I commited, a few I didnt, but that doest matter much now, because that gavel has long been slammed down, and Ive been doing the time for them all. Now, its ten years later, and after much gained wisdom Ive come to grips on whats IMPORTANT and that is that what happened to those innocent ladies, shouldnt have happend. And yeah, I could dip my actions of the past into several cups of excuses; like the drugs, like the estacy and dippers I was dapping in, or the crowd of guys I chose to surround myself with, or the harsh enviorment I came up in which caused me to let my parents down in such an embrassing and heartbreaking degree. SMH.
The truth is this man…none of those things mean nothing when its time for one to look themselves in the mirror, and ask that million dollar question: WHAT CAN I DO TO RECTIFY MY WRONGS? And because Ive found that answer, THAT is the core purpose for this letter.
What I want to do(what Im GOING to do) is become financally successful, so I can put yslef in a position provide those woman with a genuine apology, in the form of a gift…in the form of a check, for 1,000,000. And calm down, you can put back on your hat, cause no, Im not writing this letter expecting you to come off five million. No, I’m writing this letter because I know exactly how to become a multi millionaire from prison…I just need some help, in licensing a couple really good ideas I’ve thought of. See, Im an striving entreperneur, and I need someone with your resources, who can help me not only license these good ideas Ive thought of but also help me launch my company Supa Saucee Services….
And Im doing all of this because Ive written a book, called A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez. And the purpose of this book is to show my peers in these prisons that there are more ways to become rich other than regressing back to selling drugs and commiting crimes.
Let me tell about one of my ideas…Beastee Sportswear….which I wanna enlist Marshawn Lynch to co-create and endorse.

( If you would like to read how this letter to DL HUGHLEY ends, look out for Part 2 to this blog, which will be posted soon.)


Tony Lewis
DOC #98308


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