Richard Rush III

by Richard Rush III

Whats up everybody my name is Richard Rush but all my friends an family call me Richie.Im 26years old from Athens Ohio. Im in prison at Madison Correctional Inst. My current outdate is August 30th,2021 but it changes every month because im in school tryin to earn my GED an they give me 5good days knocked off my sentence every month for it. Being in a place like this im trying to get all those i can get to get home faster and its a win win cause i really need my GED if im going to try for a good job once released, which i have every intention of doing. Anyways im just writeing this lil introduction for this blog in hopes of maybe a good conversation, or maybe someone just needs someone to talk to, prison gets lonely sometimes an it feels good to log on to jpay an have a message, even if its someone you have never met or talked to just saying hi.
A little about myself is…well im pretty much a country boy at heart. I love country music but i also enjoy other music but country is my jam if it comes to a choice. I love fast cars, jacked up trucks, mud running and dirt bikeing. My dad had me on a dirtbike right after i learned to walk. Even tho im in prison i still consider myself to be a decent person, i havent made the best choices in life but i do my best to stay me an keep a smile on my face no matter how many years i have to do. I have no kids but i really want a couple an i hope after this journey im faceing is over i have a chance to find that one person that can give me something worth fighting for to stay outa jail an prison. Iv yet to find a girl that stands by me threw this hard time i keep putting myself threw but then again i blame myself cause i put myself here, but im not writeing this for all that im just talking an got off track lol. Im just trying to start this blog an see where it goes an maybe find someone who needs someone to talk to like i do. If i sound like someone you may want to talk to or learn more about me then please hit me up on jpay, ill forever write back. take care yall!!!!

Richard Rush

(Reg Mail)

Richard P. Rush #A736021
P.O Box 740
London, Ohio 43140

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