John Mcconnell

by John Mcconnell

Well Im back after spending the last 5 months in the hole after having my security level increased in December. I finally got a blessing on Friday and recieved an emergency security review in which I very gladly had my level reduced back to a level 3 so now here I am and not to mention I got transferred to a new prison which is waaaayyyyy better! I am a happy and healthy Mac and am just short of ecstatic… Id love to hear from my friends oout there and even make some new ones… Where is Shar It would be absolutely wonderful to hear from ya Shar I dont like the abruptness of your departure you were good to me and very insightful and quite frankly, I miss ya! With all this said I am signing off for right now and hope to get some mail soon. Mac

John R.Mcconnell #731-514
Warren Correctional Institution
P.o. box 120
Lebanon, Ohio

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