Mark Blain

The True Lord’s Prayer, by Mark Blain

Our Spiritual Guide, Who is leading us forth on this journey called “THE WAY,” Whom art in “THE ETERNAL”; holy, sacred, and venerated be thy name “YAHWEH!”

Thy rule and royal power and authority, over your servant, come. Thy will and purpose in this earthen vessel be done, just as it is in the Eternal.

Give us this day our daily nourishment, providing for us the sustenance for “LIFE”, “THE QUICKENING”.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive our trespassers.

“LEAD” us inwardly, so that we are compelled and impelled by “RAUCH HA’ KODESH’s power, not acting according to one’s own volition, or even expressing one’s own thoughts, but lead us, fulfilling the express will and purposes of Yahweh, delivering us from (RHUOMAI APO) evil: being preserved from any influences other than Yahweh’s, for Thine is the kingdom and the dunamis, the absolute and indisputable inertia, from Yahweh, to Whom the glory, honor and respect forever belong. Amen…m

Mark Blain
DOC #1154225

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