Anthony Waters

In My Words, by Anthony L. Waters


Begging God,
will he please save us,
stressing got me snatching the hair off my head like Viola Davis,
so pure in my mind meditating just to pass the time,
I am pressing forward in life,
not going to rewind,
even though ain’t nothing change,
being black is still a crime,
the hatred in my eyes polluting my mind,
momma told me to believe in miracles,
though I am not seeing these signs,
no longer showing relief of my ethics and beliefs,
no pork should I ever eat,
my mental shall I increase,
to teach before I sleep,
I go on,
march on,
live life and stay strong,
I right books and right wrongs,
I am the king of my own thrown,
I am the rope man who pulled my people out of the quick sand,
by any cost no love lost,
the history they taught me is all false,
no desert no whiteman had ever crossed,
I am alive just check my pulse,
I live off my impulse,
my mother raised a man who involved into a boss.

my words is of birds,
which are free to fly,
life is beautiful like the African skys,
I learned the truth after I lived the lies,
instead of breathen life they rather see my demise,
conquered my fears and wiped away my tears,
got quiet and open my ears,
u seen our pain,
generation X gone astray,
we are now awake we no longer have to pay to stay,
because our angels who are our ancestors paved the way.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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  1. This is beautiful. A movie, so to speak, played in my mind. A realistic visual life experiences playing out in my mind going right along with your words.


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