Danny Lewis Jr.

Moments, by Danny Lewis Jr.

You can’t help but think of your first love , your first kiss, your first heart ache, your first kid, first step…..these are moments , moments to never return , only left to hold on to and examine , for the same sensation , to return… Time makes you Cherish every moment….and look to make more …..Being here behind obstacles of blocking freedom, makes me feel like no moments worth making , are no longer available…, there’s no chance in rewriting the story, with the same title…..This gives me the will and focus to search for something or someone that makes every moment last forever….Even if its only for the moment, its a moment worth sharing….And saving because you know you won’t find something else to compare it to….So with Hope & Faith , I’m going to wait on my chance, and when it comes , call it OUR moment….

By Zion

Danny Lewis Jr #A672443
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg Oh 44430

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