Cody Besch

by Cody Besch

As I sit in here I think of everything that has happened and what I wish I could change. But especially, I think about the things I cannot. Relationships and is kind of my focus though. I’ve been hurt so bad by two women in particular, but I have done my fair share of hurting so I guess it’s karma. I’ve loved and been loved, but ultimately have been broken. There was one in particular who hurt me like no other, so bad I went through such depression it affected me physically. Mainly I want to talk about the way people are scared to speak the truth because of how they’re ashamed, scared, or embarrassed of what will happen afterwards. I was lied to time and again and I allowed her to keep doing it because of how I felt about her even when I knew the truth. Why do people do what they do to each other? Maybe it’s a mix of greed, selfishness, or a number of other things and I wish we could change for better. It sucks being in here and I feel for so many people because so many if us go through it. Just be a real ass person regardless of what you think will happen because in the long run it’ll make you feel better an be so much easier on you and them. For all the people dealing with more pain than they think can handle, keep your head up. Something, or someone better will come along and make it so much easier.

Cody Besch
DOC #1771920

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