Tony Lewis

I Never Told Nobody 2Pac Talked To Me, by Tony Lewis

I never told nobody I seen 2pac. I rarelytalk about it. Cause I dont remember when it was, other than it was back when I was young; very young. Maybe it was dream; maybe not. But maybe somebody, somewhere knows about that day…the day Tupac Shakur came to my elementary class.

Barnaby Manner, close to my crib in Oxon Hill Maryland, was where it happened. And I remember the class we had, outside in a trailer. I dont remember how he was introduced to us, but I do remember how he looked as he stood in front of me, with his hand on my shoulder, as he told me that I was going to be something special.
I dont remember excatly what Pac wore, but for some strange reason…I remember his breath. It didnt smell like my teachers, nor my mother’s.
I wondered, why that particular thing stuck with me, after so many years? Maybe it had something to do with the lenght of time his face remained close to mine, as he expressed he saw something, in lil’ Shika’s Son.

SMH. Today, that moves me. And it moves me because Im blessed enough to have realiezed that that moment in my life was one of the early signs and symbols I failed to recognize or acknowledge; that 2pac-one of the greatest entertainers of our time told ‘ME’ something that he didnt tell any other kid in that room. i mean, of coarse he spewed joy and motivation to the entire class; however, when it came my turn to walk up to him and greet him, dude just embraced me…with a lil bit more care.
Now where I am, some twenty years later, nd Im thinking back on that day. And the reason my mind shifted back to then, is bacause I found myself pondering on how my life is about to change for the better, and how I have literally been to hell and back. See, those thoughts were the thoughts that made me think about things such as religion…and belief; faith…and destiny, and the complex theory that everything which happens does happen for a reason. And I came to that conclusion, that yes, each and everyone of us are born with that shining star inside of our eyes. That shining star is the dream; the possibility, of what CAN be…but only if we open up our third eye, and follow its luminance.

See, when pac came to my school, I feel now that he came because he was guided there…spiritually, through a divine presense most of us fail to care even exsist. Now, I understand, why Pac was extra friendly towards me..that lil’ black ass boy, with the big smile..and even bigger heart. He acted that way towards me because our souls connected. And our souls connected, because that was something I NEEDED to see and EXPERIENCE for me to be able to talk about it today, in the fashion I am…to prove to ya that man I was destined for whats about to happen….

For a better undersstanding, I advise that you read the blog that follows this, titled: The Pastor knew What I Didnt, and Saw what I
didnt want to SEE

If you would like to contact to give posituive support or to ask any question he can be contated via Tony Lewis 98308 (Kansas)

Be on the lookout for his debut work of non fiction: A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez.


Tony Lewis

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