Anthony Waters

Y, by Anthony Waters


Y u dudes got my name in your mouth
like I ain’t gone see u all when I get out,
yeah I done been in rough and spots and tuff places,
so what make u think I ain’t gone remember yall haters faces.
yo y y’all got me laughing so hard like u pulling me card,
anytime I touch the court I be the first to start,
changed man with a whole new game plan,
now I got the gun and u got the knife,
u thought your words left me for dead,
yet your hate only brought me to life,
no hard feelings dude how can I be mad at a boy who was broke begging for food,
smiling because I will be out soon,
how can any man deal with a older and wiser goon,
Y,did u start a war u was not prepared for,
silly u,
now I am all over your ass like gorrila glue,
so if its fuck me u know its fuck u,
your mouth wrote a check your ass can’t cash,
I am living in the future and your ass still in the past,
now who big mad and who got class,
Y u pointed the finger at me a natural born gee,
and on top of that dude,
u in a worst position then me.
smile dude u accomplished your goal,
strike a pose,
u made me understand the realist niggas in the game now a days is hoes.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, poems

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