Shara Cooper

The Heart Behind It! by Shara Cooper

Words spoken making declarations about many things,
Gifts given with great variety.
Deeds done with every ounce of perfection,
It all matters not if The Heart Behind It isn’t one of sincere affection.

It’s The Heart Behind that gift that makes all of the difference.
The Heart Behind the words that leaves a valuable impression.
It’s The Heart Behind the deed that really matters at the end.
The Heart Behind It…
Not the quantity, size, or the amount you spend.
The Heart Behind It… that which will last throughout the seasons.

The Heart recieving it will indeed love forevermore The Heart Behind It!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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  1. Shara,I don’t always leave a comment but I read everything you write.Your words are always so thoughtful,interesting and kind.Keep writing!Sending you best wishes.


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