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How the hell do the cops manage to arrive in mere seconds on the scean of some kids playing around with BB guns , on private property , with the bravery of appachie indians , guns drawn and brazenly shooting first and asking questions later…. When at a public place like a school , where some kids with real guns shooting and killing other kids , they show up late and take up tactical positions while casualties are caused by the delay.
This happened , check out ABC world news… the cop yells the command to drop the gun and just shoots without giving the kid a chance to respond. It just slays me.

I was watching a special about sink holes and there was one where a hole opened up and a horse’s legs were swallowed up in the mud , and the issue is brought up if the horse’s legs are broke ,by the lady who owns it. Now I think nothing of this because we live in the 21st century. Then the lady mentions that she hopes she doesn’t have to shoot it… seriously… We can split the atom , escape earth’s gravity , transplant internal organs , view planets around other stars and build massive skyscrapers and bridges that take unbelievable engineering feats…But , but , but…. we still have to shoot a horse if it breaks its leg! You poor fucking creatures. And what the hell happens if a elephant breaks its leg? We feed it a dirty bomb and fling it in the ocean?

I know executions of inmates have become an issue for a couple of reasons. One reason is the ethical issue pharmaceutical companies face about knowingly selling drugs to the departments of rehabilitation that will be used to kill inmates….Now think about that for a moment. OK , you thought about that? Ethical concerns… A pharmaceutical company , who have of lately been skyrocketing prices for profits , and intentionally hiding research results showing evidence of addictive properties. The opioid companies sell tens of thousands , probably millions , of unnecessary doses , causing untold numbers of people to become addicts , ruining all these lives , but their worried about if some child raping murderer gets injected with one of their drugs that will let him slip peacefully into death? Please…
In Ohio the dilemma is the struggle to find the right combination of drugs that will efficiently kill the inmate… One has to put him to sleep , another to stop his breathing and then stop his heart , apparently in that order. And they are having trouble doing this somehow. The state has to give double doses and still sometimes the inmate gasp and lingers alive, with this three drug combination pumping in his veins. They have to sit around and have meetings on how to more quickly and effectively kill an inmate. And let me point out that MDs go to college for a decade just to learn how to not accidentally kill some one while putting them out for a surgery. Michael Jackson’s doctor had to go to great lengths not to kill him while injecting his liquid opioid drug. I can’t fucking believe it…does anyone one see what I’m getting at?
mean while , in the streets addicts and the police that deal with them have to have narcon , however you spell it , on hand in order not to die by coming into contact with fentanyl or carbafentanyl , however you spell it…So China wouldn’t have any proclaimed ethical problem with selling their super deadly drugs mentioned above to the department of rehabilitation and apparently you only need a microgram to cause the immediate death of any one who comes into contact with it … am I a problem solver or what?

Let me watch the news some and I’ll let loose on Trump, oh yeah , I’m getting excited just thinking about it. But first let’s take a look at the church…. oh yeah , any sagacious reader probably senses what is a about to come , if not let me say I mean the Catholic church , still not , look up Catholic church makes new law to report child sexual abuse… Alright , you got a better idea? My god , is this world I’m living in actually real or am I in a reality simulated CIA program designed to see just how much bullshit I’m willing to eat before I spit it back out. The fucking pedophile priests are allowed to police themselves? I got a better idea , I say , let’s get the five heads of the mafia together in New York, and make them a unified commission, and allow them to governor their lower ranks and monitor things like murder , if they suspect that one of their captains or lieutenants or soldiers committed a murder , we’ll trust they’ll do the right thing and report it. You know this isn’t an actual law. This is a rule the pope just implemented to appease the public’s concern about the tens of thousands of kids psyches being destroyed by depraved demented child molesters. Between the fucking boy scouts and the Catholic church, half the united states will be psychologically ruined messes and the other half will have to study to be psychologists. The problem is irreconcilable. The damage is done and the effects will manifest for generations to come. And hardly any of these fucking pedophiles will do a goddamn day in jail… They spent their lives living out their twisted fucking fantasies without suffering one mother fucking consequence. And the cycle goes on and on and on.

And just as I suspected , that poor little girl Maleah Davis , has probably been murdered by her own parents. This was the sweet little four year old girl from Houston that was supposedly abducted by two Hispanic males. The story sounded too bizarre for me , as you might of picked up from my last post about it. Now I see the police are voicing their doubts about the father’s claim. The parents were suspected of previous abuse. It was so bad the girl had a long lasting head injury. The world again rears the ugly fact that we live on a impassive planet in a cold dark abyss , where we are left to attend to our own.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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