Steven Nall

by Steven Nall

I was 19 years old and I had just been released for Solitary Confinement aka The Hole.

I’d been in their since I was 16, with only a few days in Population here and there.

I walked into the Chow Hall, it was Chicken on the Bone for dinner which was a rarity and I was excited to eat.

My head was on a swivel though, this was the place to eat, but it was Prison so most of the extreme violence occurs here.

It is done here because this is where everyone congregates, the most people in a little space.

Violence is for show, entertainment but at the same time it is to show a clear message.

The message is intimidation.

I walked through the Line and received my food tray, I quickly made my way to a table where I could eat.

I had just sat down and was enjoying my meal, I took a few bites when I heard a commotion behind me.

I turned quickly and I saw a guy creeping through the tables and snuck up behind a guy eating.

I saw him start punching the guy in the and face, I thought it was weird because he was using the side of his hand..

It took me a few seconds to grasp the reality, this man was being stabbed repeatedly in his head, face, and neck.

Blood was going everywhere, to my surprise though the guy stood up trying to defend himself.

The Officers were there screaming for him to drop the weapon but he refused.

That’s when the two started grappling the man with the weapon bear hugged the victim, this was when I heard a sickening sound.

He began stabbing him very hard in his side below his ribs, it was a wet thumping sound it was extremely loud and with every stab the guy was gasping and making a ummffffff sound.

Finally the officers intervened and put a stop to this violent assault.

I saw my opportunity, I calmly walked back in line and waited my turn for a double up on Chicken on The Bone.

So next time you want KFC think about a hungry Inmate patiently awaiting the next Chow Hall Mayhem or vicious stabbing so he can have seconds.

Steven Nall

DOC #888160

Washington Correction Center to email/correspond with me

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