Danny Lewis Jr.

The Rain, by Danny Lewis Jr.

Every one is so infatuated with the motto , “when it rains, it pours”… Not realising that change is a necessary part of life….rain is the earths refreshment, and also ours…when it rains I think of being cleansed, from what’s above, while living in the filth below…I think of the crown of my head being washed pure from stressful and Ill thoughts…. I reflect on the drops that press my window , the patterns, free for the moment until the Sun takes away its motion…so much pain in life , cause my eyes to rain, how many storms ? how many drops ? how many floods ,from all the anguish and the the days of the false sunshine …yet there is hope , that my tears of rain will help something meaningful blossom in life , but what? I yearn for the rain to make streams , and rivers and oceans of life inside me , to fill this dry and emptiness, I’m searching to be replenished …… some areas receive no rain….A drought…. so when it rains , I prepare myself for something NEW to grow and harvest….In hope’s of seeing what lies ahead waiting for me…..

By: Zion

Danny Lewis Jr
DOC #A672443

Trumbull Correctional Inst

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