George Williams

My Everyday Life, by George Williams

“Crazy feeling being stuck in this jail its said only “God CAN JUDGE” but a jury put me in hell feeling like I’m forgotten never recieving no mail I’ve come to the reality I might die in a cell born in a society where my kind destined to fail time is going by slow like the phase of a sail, suicide crossed my mind but I’m trying to prevail my body in good shape but my spirits are frail dreaming of better days but living this nightmarish tale, will I make it out of confinement only time will tell
“I feel like I’m losing my mind stuck in this place and doing all of tis time trying to explain how I feel but the words are hard to define it’s said search for the light but I’m lost in the blind so many nights of just wishing and crying day by day my soul is just dyng it’s said have faith well God I’m trying people making promises to me but doing nothing but lying, I’m trying to be humble it’s not weakness it’s kindness I’m trying to add up the positives but stuck in the minus
“Doing a sentence of double life with nobody, no friends, family or wife nobody to communicate with just kick it and write but still trying to keep my head up no matter in spite do I have a chance well maybe i might for that very reason I’m always gonna fight I have an overall vision and I can’t lose sight this has been a short introduction into my everyday life.”

George Williams
DOC #527-157

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