Antione Dotson

Introduction Blog, by Antione Dotson

hello world
my name is Antione Dotson I’m from Ohio I’m currently locked up doing a 10 year bid I’m more then half way thru it now thank God I’ll be home 2022…. I’m 32 yrs old black 6 ft 220 lbs I’m new to this blogging stuff I don’t even kno what its abt but I’m just sending my blessings out to everyone if anyone wants to communicate with me I’m open to having new friends I’m not looking for anything serious just honest friendship my info is Antione Dotson #713-583 I’m in odrc address 2001 E, Central ave Toledo Ohio 43608 if anyone wants to jpay me they can find me on there by using my inmate number as well. well hopefully I hear something from y’all soon until then my God bless us all

Antione Dotson
DOC #713-583

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