James Harris Jr.

Happy Mothers Day, by James Harris


women yall are gods best creation
yall are loving,caring,beautiful and so amazing
thank you for all that yall do
the reason god made yall is because we can’t survive without you
yall are determined,dedicated and so strong
yall love us unconditionally even tho we do yall wrong
thank you for standing by our side and being our backbone
thank you for taking care of home even when we stay gone
thank you for being our strength on the days that we are weak
thank you for making us complete
thank you for inspirering us to change our ways and get out the streets
thank you for the loyalty and the trust
thank you for not giving up on us
thank you for the most precious thing you can ever give us (children)

James Harris
DOC #a538-069

Categories: James Harris Jr., poems

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