David Cauthen

by David S. Cauthen

El’ Moracco And The GoDs of California
By, L1 CIPHER press
My name is David S.Cauthen, Jr. I am recognized in a variety of capacities, the most prominent one being Spiritual Counselor of Ra’ Star Far I, prison ministries (RSF,8pm) Know me as:
Imon ras’safidi-dawud eL-sihd negus, oisbey,
but call me Ras’ Safidi,
“Dr. Supreme – Zodiac Science, psi.
My prison sentence at current is a term of 23 years for 2nd degree armed robbery and an 8 year term consecutive to the commitment, possession a knife while in prison on two separate occasions. The maximum term for this sentence in its entirety is set for the year 2033.
In short, I study signs and symbols like the freemasons, in order to know exactly when to make my prayers. This blog will be dedicated to the zodiac, its affect on the american justice system and how prisoners may connect it to their prison conviction, and/ or plee bargains. I will unveil the hidden knowledge of Jesus as woman and correlate it to the mathematical proofs of Qur’an, without using religious hypocrisy as justification for life’s challenging subjects. The objective is to offer prisoners and supporters a cultural system that introduces them to new concepts which are geared at developing the cognitive faculties of the mind, that in turn will be conducive to transforming the behaviour of prisoners as a whole, paving a way for movements like the United Front for Peace in Prisons (UFPP) of which I co-authored. This is to say, it is the culture that changes a nation, not sick psychopathic pseudo psychology practiced by closet occultist and border line social maniacs. My culture shall be one seating my self in the Wicca chair woven over the ages of time by my ancestors, passed to me by the late Jim ‘John Henry Oisbey. Thank you papai I, the crown sits fitted. I know the name and spell it right, O is Bey. Travel light and SEE. ]}{[ You are welcome.
David s. Cauthen, Jr.
Dr. Supreme may be reached at any of the following faculties :
Student Enrollment Cpt.
RSF, 8pm Southwest
Regional office #1
601 North Avenue F
Post Texas 79356 USA
*****Attention *******
Sunday school session Enrollment Inquiry only.
Contact Directly: David S. Cauthen, Jr.
V92805 C SAT F Delta 3-144
email me using the Jpay social media app@ http://www.jpaymedia.com//v92805, Cauthen//
Send a SASE, OR jpay Prepaid email if you seek correspondence with the author.
Follow us on F.B. davidsscauthen_13@yahoo to support the Free_King_David2025 campaign Friend reguest me with the mesg, “Fan of your blog on inmateblogger.com”
The host will consider your request.
Limited Black and white FKD2025 Campaign programs available free of charge by mailing request and SASE to David directly

David Cauthen
DOC #V92805

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