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Understand JR Understandin’, by Tony Lewis

Written by TonyMyHomie

Today is April 9th and I thank God for creating Andy Andrew- the author, because I dont think that this essay wouldve been possible if it werent for his books. Particularly the one which taught about the wod perception, and the four dialects of love. However, love wasnt what fueled my yern, to write this blog about one of my favorite ballers of the NBA, JR Smith.
Like most nights, around 10 oclock Im putting my KOSS headphones on, and is tuning into aother episode of the DL Hughley Show; one of my favorite programs to watch on my overly expensive 15 inch. I gotta admit, the show tonight wasnt as intriguing as it normally is; but interest within me spiked, the moment I saw my man JR Smith, appear on the screen of my pathetic plasma.
The picture was of him; and his baby daughter, both in the some tiled room of his spacious house..naked, but embraced like father and child. This picture was the talk of the Jasmine Report, a part of the show where DL gives the floor to his counterpart Jasmine Sanders, to discuss whats trending in the realms of social media. And apparently, that picture, of JR and his new born had sparked some type of frenzy with the public; the public, which aint nothing but a bunch of imperfected people, making up a collective. But anyway…let me get get back to this Thug Philosophy and why I was digusted and saddened at what Jasmine shared with me and the world.

” Thats so creepy.”
That was one of the many cynical comments posted, which was posted about the picture of one the most talented niggas to grace a court as he held his daughter.
In the picture, you can see my man lounging on cold tile, in what I think was the bathroom. And on his lap, sat a little beautiful girl…his beautiful little girl, who looked to be new to the world. SOUNDS TOUCHING, doesnt it? And it is, which is why my nostrils glare a tad at the controversy that coiled around such a precious moment.
Yes, neither Jr nor his child had on any attire, but in my opinion, that shouldnt had opened the door for the flagrant foolishness; especially considering the fact that none of you(the public with public opinions) know, nor understand the amount of love that man has for that baby…that same baby he would die for…or do 25 for, if any of you ever tried to harm her.Thats a fathers love…and it shoudlnt have been ridiculed by the lking of someone with secrets of their own.
Like really…ya cant be serious. I can see your point, if the man had her laying prone, over his Jimmy Dean, or saddling his face like Sea Biscuit. But it wasnt like that.
Let me tell you what I think and then you tell me what you know JR, cause I really want to holler at you on a level a little bro needs to talk… to a big brother.So yeah,thats what i think the message is:”hey world,meet the little one i created,who in all actuality, created me…the person i am now but wasnt then.” But even if my philasophy is miles away from JR’s didnt really matter. all that matters is what tha picture partrays-a healthy,and a happy dad.
Congradulations to you and your bm,JR Smith.And if you interrested i would love to talk to you about a way you can stuff lil mama’s trust fund real befty;and without using a cent from the league, and that way, is a sport brand called:Balla Boyz Basketball sets. Get at me fe fam so we can grab them bags.
sincerly Expressed Tony My Homie
Author of a Million wayz 2 make a million wayz

Tony Lewis
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