Antwan Hood

Some BS, by Antwan Hood

Some times you can see a situation being played out over and over again from the outside looking in and be like damm thaw messed up.In our situation the same thing goes on but way worse because a majority of the time its our word against theirs so take that into account why sometimes we lash out the way we do.(I saw we as prisoners and inmates everywhere) But then again you have humble people that just want to do they time and be released like I.I am a quiet type that just wants to do my time and go home I never had a charge in my five years in prison and I am in the process of making parole plans,I am pretty focused on my plans for the future.I was at a workers camp for15 months I was a good worker just did my job and kept to myself.People who have to do time and the civilians who help run the system are o.k. with each other in most cases but you have a a hole out of the bunch that wants to be down just to makes his eight hours go smooth. You have lil circles of people in every jail people that really are friends and people who have to deal with certain people because that is the job that they signed up for.I had To work for a person we will call him Patty Trump that thought he was superior then every one just because he had over 20 years In the system a majority of the jail didn’t like him cause he was an ass.Me and Patty have a history because he thinks he is cool and that he is the man but when he comes to work but other people think otherwise .Me and patty have a lil history I never said any crazy to him but I let him know several times don’t talk to me like how he does.Everybody knows patty is a racist saying things like bring captial punishment back and I bet they stop committing crimes then.Then he would be yelling lock em up every time you get a point across and it is opposite of what he is saying.This guy is nuts long story short they are trying to get him to retire. one day I go to work I know what we have to do it’s a consistent pattern same thing every week I go in do what I have to then take a seat so now I am thinking about my parole plans and things he calls me I take a minute then go see what he wants then he say what you ignoring me I didn’t answer and just do what he asked I got other things on my mind.So a lil while later we go to the loading dock and start unloading the canteen truck he takes in a palette I take in a pushcart as soon as I bring in the push cart he say take it back outside he just brought in the the majority of the product I am bringing in the balance I will put it right next to that he say OK I don’t want to hear you whine like a lil baby. I am thinking its gonna be one of those mornings so I go back outside and wait on the side until he tells me what to do next cause I don’t really fell like the bs today he tells me what to do I take a breath and say here we go again and start to move the boxes he just starts yelling what you refuse to work I stop and say what are you yelling at me like I am a kid for I told you about talking to me like that next thing I know the c/o is yelling get on the ground somebody bring me some handcuffs that was crazy.When they came and brought me my charges they said I called them crackers and had cussed them out.I am a 35yo black man living in the information age who does shit like that .I feel like when you stand up for your self against a true Coward and you are happy with who you are they see you as threatning to them for whatever reason.I don’t know. why I am in the process of trying to go home and live my life is yours that miserable that you wanna make me stay in jail longer thas sad.But what was worse then that was the court line people did not want to even hear me out its like whatever they put on the report is what it is like the people who help run this system are not regular people who have flaws like everybody else that was crazy.It is what it is though my life is gonna go on and he is gonna be a over weight 63 yo miserable lonely lonely oversized lawn ornament fatty Patty Trump(no shade to my plus size community I love every one but Patty Trump.I am in a regular prison now behind the wall just trying to finish up my time and stay focused on the positive

Antwan Hood #451232c/967018
4-27-2019 S.W.S.P.
215 Burlington South Road
Bridgeton N.J.08302

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